LASIK Eye Surgery Procedures

Dia­mond Vision’s cut­ting-edge LASIK pro­ce­dures evolved from our core mis­sion: bet­ter FUNCTIONAL VISION FOR YOU! They have sev­er­al com­mon fea­tures:

  • They reduce your depen­dence on glass­es and con­tact lens­es.
  • They are quick, out­pa­tient pro­ce­dures, which gen­er­al­ly allow you to resume your activ­i­ties the next day.
  • These high-tech­nol­o­gy pro­ce­dures use one or more lasers or a cus­tomized lens.
  • Your free con­sul­ta­tion will deter­mine the pro­ce­dure that is best for you.

Here is a synopsis of the main offerings at Diamond Vision:

LASIK Pro­ce­dures: The most wide­ly used pro­ce­dure for near­sight­ed­ness, far­sight­ed­ness and astig­ma­tism.

Intralase blade­less LASIK pro­ce­dures: Our Intralase IFS gives sur­geons total con­trol of cornea flap design, and pro­vides patients with even faster visu­al recov­ery than tra­di­tion­al Lasik.

Cus­tomVue (Wave­front): Cus­tomized treat­ment for bet­ter day and night vision.

iLASIK: A win­ning com­bi­na­tion of Intralase, Cus­tom Vue and Iris Reg­is­tra­tion

PRK: or Pho­tore­frac­tive Ker­a­te­c­to­my has been per­formed for over 20 years now world­wide and reshapes the cornea with­out cre­at­ing a flap.

Visian ICL: Implantable Con­tact Lens­es are now avail­able for patients with high degrees of near­sight­ed­ness, or for patients oth­er­wise deemed poor can­di­dates for LASIK pro­ce­dures, Intralase, PRK, or who pre­fer this cut­ting-edge, reversible pro­ce­dure over the oth­ers.

Dry Eye diag­no­sis and treat­ments: We fea­ture a state of the art Dry Eye Diag­no­sis and treat­ment cen­ter, includ­ing a lip­iview aber­rom­e­ter to assist in the diag­no­sis of oil-defi­cient dry eye / ocu­lar sur­face dis­ease, as well as osmo­lar­i­ty test­ing to mon­i­tor dry eye sever­i­ty and response to treat­ments.

Cataract Surgery –  15 minute out­pa­tient pro­ce­dure with choice of Pre­mi­um Lens implants to see both near AND far more clear­ly.

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If you would like to schedule a free consultation or ask one of our amazing staff a quick question, text "Diamond Ready" to (917) 881-3938 between 9am-6pm (M-F) and we will be here to help you!