Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Dry Eye Treatment in Atlanta

Every year we witness a technological revolution in the field of medicine, which sets new standards in treating various illnesses and conditions. One such medical advancement is the intense pulsed light to stimulate rapid recovery of the skin and eyes. Why is this advancement so relevant?

Well, these high-powered, computer-controlled procedures are not used solely for cosmetic purposes, but they can also eliminate the root causes of dry, fatigued, and irritated eyes — a condition which has many computer and mobile phone owners in an uproar these days.

Have you felt like your eyes are red, tired, dry, or have a mild burning sensation more than usual? Skin or eyelid inflammation usually cause this. This condition affects millions of people across the US, and around 85% of patients who suffer from it may also develop other inflammatory ocular conditions, such as dry eyes.

Our Diamond Vision eye center in Atlanta provides pulsed light therapy using the Lumenis M22 Optima™ IPL to help your eyes feel clear again and reduce your dependency on eye drops. This treatment involves delivering a series of light pulses in a very specified, calculated manner to stimulate your Meibomian glands which produce vital lipids/oil. These oils are protective, and it is necessary for your vision to keep them at optimum levels. The success rate of FDA approved IPL procedures is substantial — it takes just a few hours after the first dry eye treatment to start feeling comfortable changes.

The Procedure:

During the treatment, you will experience a warm sensation from the light, but do not worry, it is quite gentle, so you will not feel any discomfort. Ultrasound gel is thoroughly applied under the eye to soothe your skin. Each session lasts about 15 minutes, depending on the severity of your condition, and we recommend 3 to 5 treatments, with 3 to 4 weeks in between.

What Happens After the Procedure:

Following the treatment, a meibomian gland expression is usually performed by your ophthalmologist or optometrist to compress your lower eyelids in order to squeeze out the contents from the glands. Its purpose is to accelerate the skin and eyelid healing process, but it is optional.

There are cases where patients experience some discomfort and redness in the treated areas. It usually disappears within a couple of hours, so most patients resume their daily routine the very same day. One heads up, though, stay clear of sunlight following the procedure and make sure to use sunscreen. Also, this treatment should be avoided during pregnancy.

Give Diamond Vision a call to book your Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Dry Eye Treatment in Atlanta today.

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