Cataract Surgery in NYC

Our ophthalmology practice offers all the latest and most advanced technologies and cataract surgical techniques to restore your vision. We now provide lens implants that will allow you not only to see well at distance again but also see up close and at computer distances as well, all with the same eye! These multifocal lenses can be an excellent option for those who wish to have even greater spectacle independence.

Cataracts cause the eye’s lens to become cloudy, which causes blurry vision that prescription glasses or contact lenses can’t fix.

What Is Laser Cataract Surgery

With millions of cataract surgeries performed each year in the US, this procedure is one of the safest. During surgery, we will use an ultrasound device or laser to help break up the cloudy lens into tiny pieces. Then these small pieces are carefully removed through gentle suction. After the cloudy lens has been removed, we will replace it with an artificial lens implant. Once the cataract has been removed and the lens implant has been placed, stitches are usually not required, and a protective patch is rarely placed over the eye. The whole procedure is performed in an outpatient setting and only takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Laser Cataract Surgery & Multifocal Lenses Implantation

What are Multifocal Lenses

These are prosthetic lenses that are used in laser cataract surgery. On occasion, some patients may even choose to have these multifocal lenses placed even before they develop cataracts. This procedure is called refractive lens exchange.

During cataract surgery, the patient gets their natural lenses replaced with these multifocal, improving far, intermediate, and near-distance vision.

The lenses have concentric rings etched into them, allowing the retina to focus on images at different distances. Simply put, multifocal lenses restore visual function while eliminating the need to wear contacts or glasses.

Benefits of Laser Cataract Surgery

Cataract eye surgery has several benefits, and surgeons will often highlight the following:

  • They improve your vision and treat cataract-related symptoms
  • Laser cataract surgery can protect your eyes from further health complications
  • Better vision can improve your quality of life
  • Cataract surgery can help you decrease the risk of fractures and falls
  • According to a 2012 study, older individuals who had cataract eye surgery had a 40% reduction in mortality risk.

Why Trust Diamond Vision with your Laser Cataract Surgery

Trusting our staff at Diamond Vision with your laser cataract surgery isn’t only a key to getting back your normal vision and quality of life. We also strive to give you the best possible care and educate you about every step of the procedure, from the initial consultation to post-op care.

We are experts in the field of laser vision correction. Our highly trained staff has performed several thousand procedures with a high success rate, which is a testimony of professionalism and attention to detail.

Additionally, we have been performing cataract surgeries for years now, meaning we have both the knowledge and experience to ensure only the best results.

When considering laser cataract surgery, it’s normal to look for price estimates. While every patient’s eyes are unique, it’s safe to say that price estimates will vary between $1,000 to $5,000, depending on several factors.

You should also be pleased to know that laser cataract surgery has an outstandingly high success rate of about 99%.

Even then, you should know that some patients will experience complications following the procedure. Even though extremely rare, some patients may have to deal with corneal swelling or inflammation.
Also, depending on the pre-operative measurements, the lens may not be the correct power. This may happen with factors such as corneal scarring, dry eyes, or previous LASIK surgeries.

This is why consultations and thorough pre-op examinations are crucial, along with choosing the right surgeon with sufficient experience. Fortunately, this isn’t an issue with Diamond Vision.

Who is a good candidate for Laser Cataract Surgery

The best candidates for cataract surgery are at least 40 and older who suffer from the following symptoms:

    • Seeing glares or halos around bright lights
    • Double vision on one of your eyes
    • Poor vision at night
    • Light sensitivity
    • Faded colors
    • Blurry and/or distorted vision

How does Laser Cataract Surgery work

As with most procedures, cataract surgery will also start with a consultation (which you can schedule in our New York, Atlanta, and Paramus offices).
After establishing the root cause of your vision problems, your surgeon will map your eye with the necessary tools. This will generate detailed images of your eye, allowing the surgeon to locate the best place to make the incision necessary for cataract eye surgery.
Then, the surgeon will use the laser to make said incision and insert a small probe that will use sound waves to break up the lens damaged by cataracts into small places. Then the surgeon removes to probe and will place the artificial lens.

The entire procedure is pain-free, and you will probably be free to go home within 30 to 60 minutes following the procedure.

What to expect from Cataract Eye Surgery

Following laser cataract surgery, you can expect to see improvements only within a few days. However, you should know that following the procedure, you may also experience blurry vision. This is normal, as your eye has to adjust and heal.

You may also see that colors will seem brighter. Cataracts are usually brown- or yellow-tinted, and they tend to mute colors a bit.

Cataract surgery aftercare

Following cataract surgery, you will probably have your first appointment within a day or two. Also, they might schedule appointments with you the following week and after about a month.

You will also probably experience mild discomfort and an itching sensation following the procedure. This is entirely normal, but you should still avoid rubbing your eyes. To counter these issues, your doctor might recommend wearing a protective patch on your eye until it heals.

Check out our New York, Paramus, and Atlanta offices, where we provide Laser Cataract Surgery and consultations. Take the first step toward reclaiming your old life and crystal-clear vision.

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