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Ocular Response Analyzer

The Ocular Response Analyzer (ORA), manufactured by Reichert Inc of Buffalo, NY, is a revolutionary device that enables eye doctors to measure the biomechanical tissue properties of the cornea.

The instrument is based on familiar glaucoma “puff test” technology that was invented by Reichert over 35 years ago. This test has traditionally been used to measure the eye’s intraocular pressure (IOP), an important risk factor for diagnosing and treating the eye disease glaucoma. David Luce Ph.D., chief research scientist at Reichert, discovered that this same technology could be used to obtain additional information about the eye.

During the air-puff measurement process, the cornea (the clear outer layer of the eye) moves rapidly inward and then back out again. The optical system of the ORA monitors this rapid deformation, enabling the instrument to provide a measurement called corneal hysteresis, which is an indication of the visco-elastic tissue properties of the cornea. “This new measurement gives us information about the strength characteristics of the cornea, which can help us diagnose corneal pathologies and give us a better ability to qualify candidates for latest eye technology refractive surgery procedures, such as LASIK” according to Steve Stetson, MD of Diamond Vision. “This technology represents a major benefit for subjects seeking LASIK because it enhances our ability to ensure the success and safety of the procedure. In addition, and somewhat ironically” said Dr. Stetson, “this new measurement gives us the ability to more accurately measure the pressure in the eye, the purpose for which the instrument was originally developed for over 35 years ago.”

The ORA at Diamond Vision is one of only about 150 such devices installed in the USA. If you are a doctor and would like to use the state of the art O.R.A. for your patients, call 888–678-4341.

The Oculus Pentacam Camera

To make the right decision about LASIK, doctors need to have as much information as possible about your eyes. Sophisticated tests are part of the extensive screening performed at Diamond Vision prior to recommending the surgery. That is how we ensure the best results ever. Now, out of Germany comes the Pentacam. The Pentacam consists of a camera that actually rotates to capture images of your cornea from different angles – something that was impossible before. Today, our doctors can be even more confident in recommending LASIK to you. As always we ensure that our patients have access to the most up-to-date, world-class vision correction technology – at no extra charge.

If you are a doctor and would like to use the state-of-the-art PENTACAM for your patients, call 888–678-4341.

Iris Registration(IR)
approved May, 2005

Goal: Better vision through a more precise placement of the laser beam.

What it does: IR prevents any shift in the laser positioning that may occur as a result of : 

  • The wavefront measurements being taken while the patient is in a sitting position, versus a lying down position under the laser 
  • Normal eye movement before and during surgery 
  • Difficulty in centering the treatment


How it works: Images of the iris are taken during the pre-operative examination. The treatment is centered and positioned using the actual iris patterns of the patient, matched with the photos taken at pre-op.


  • Machat (2005): In a study of LASIK patients with astigmatism, 92% of the patients who had IR saw 20/20 three months after surgery, versus 82% among those who did not have IR 
  • Koch (2005): One month after PRK, 90% of the patients who had IR achieved 20/20 versus 60.3% of those who did not have IR.

Intralase FS150 upgrade

Goals: Better vision through a more precise flap creation; a faster, a more comfortable procedure. What it does: The FS150 takes the safety and precision of Intralase one step further with cutting edge vision correction technology, bringing:
  • A faster treatment and easier flap lift, increasing comfort for the patient
  • Minimal disruption of corneal architecture, stronger flaps, and fewer possible complications
  • Less temporary inflammation of surrounding tissues, for an even faster recovery
  • Even more pinpoint precision in the formation of the corneal flap, for even clearer vision and fastest visual outcomes.
How it works:
  • Faster repetition rate and tighter spot/line separation
  • Precisely shaped angled edges fit snugly to improve alignment
  • Provides a smooth corneal contour with greater surface area to speed wound healing
  • Preserves corneal innervation and allows post-operative healing by creating a biomechanically stable corneal flap.

Leadership in laser vision correction

Diamond Vision now offers access to comprehensive information compiled by our laser manufacturer VISX. You can read this information at any time, but it is especially important to read it after your pre-operative examination and before the day of your surgery. At your pre-operative appointment, the doctor will tell you which one of the various booklets better suits your particular case.

Note that the same information applies, whether or not you are having Intralase. Please use the information provided by your doctor to chose among the following booklets:

If, after browsing this information, you would like to add CustomVue to your procedure, call Diamond Vision at 888–678-4341, or your LASIK consultant to ask about adding CustomVue. It would take hundreds of pages to describe all the technological innovations that go into a modern-day LASIK procedure, especially after ten years of upgrades and advances.Instead, we will only report here on the very latest upgrades and improvements, the Ocular Response Analyzer, the Oculus Pentacam camera, Iris registration and the FS60 Intralase upgrade. You can read more about existing technologies in the Procedures page. If you have been waiting this long to have laser vision correction, why not take advantage of the latest upgrades at Diamond Vision?

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