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What to Expect from a Virtual Consultation?

Comprehensive Questionnaire:

Our experienced consultant will review your eye health and history.
Expect questions about:

Personalized Procedures & Pricing Options:

Once we have a clear understanding of your vision needs, our consultant will discuss personalized vision correction options. Our goal is to tailor a plan that provides the best value and service for your specific needs. We aim to make vision correction accessible and affordable for everyone.

Next Steps After Virtual Consultation:

Diagnostics & Preop:

To confirm your candidacy prior to surgery, you’ll need to visit one of our centers for a pre-operative appointment (pre op) during which diagnostic testing will be performed and your eyes will be dilated and examined by one of our doctors. This visit takes roughly 45 minutes and allows us to perform a thorough assessment, confirm your candidacy, and finalize the details of your vision correction plan.

What to Expect at the Preoperative Diagnostics:

Possibility of Non-Candidacy:

During your pre op, while the chance is very small, it is possible you may be deemed a non-candidate for vision correction surgery or that we may suggest postponing your surgery to allow time for specific treatment interventions from which you may benefit prior to vision correction surgery. Our team will communicate any such findings and discuss alternative options to address your vision needs.

At Diamond Vision, your vision is our priority. Start your journey to clearer vision with our virtual consultation process. Book your appointment today and experience the Diamond Vision difference.

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