Implantable Contact Lens

implantable contact lens costFor Years, the only method of per­ma­nent vision cor­rec­tion that didn’t involve con­tact lens­es, glass­es, or the removal of a cataract was cor­rec­tive laser eye surgery.

Now near-sided patients up to ‑16 diopters who might not have been a can­di­date for lasik have a viable alter­na­tive to glass­es and con­tacts. You can enjoy vision that is clear­er and more vivid in a sim­ple out­pa­tient pro­ce­dure that does­n’t remove any corneal tis­sue. This implantable con­tact lens is made with a Col­lamer mate­r­i­al, which is flex­i­ble and bio-com­pat­i­ble and cre­at­ed with built-in pro­tec­tion against harm­ful UV light rays.

How do I know if I’m a suitable Visian ICL candidate?

Can­di­dates for the Visian ICL are between 21 and 45 years of age, suf­fer from myopia (near­sight­ed­ness), and want to expe­ri­ence supe­ri­or vision cor­rec­tion. The ide­al Visian ICL can­di­date has not under­gone any oph­thalmic surgery and does not have a his­to­ry of eye dis­ease such as iri­tis, glau­co­ma, or dia­bet­ic retinopa­thy.

Where is the Visian ICL placed?

A Dia­mond Vision Sur­geon will insert the Visian ICL through a small micro-open­ing, plac­ing it inside the eye just behind the iris in front of the eye’s nat­ur­al lens. The Visian Implantable Con­tact Lens is designed to stay in posi­tion with no spe­cial care.

Will I be able to feel the Visian ICL once it’s in place?

The Visian ICL is designed to be com­plete­ly unob­tru­sive after it is put in place. It stays in posi­tion by itself and does not inter­act with any of the eye’s struc­tures. After the sim­ple 15-minute out­pa­tient pro­ce­dure, patients expe­ri­ence an imme­di­ate improve­ment in vision qual­i­ty and are “Wowed” by the results.

Does it hurt?

No, most patients state that they are very com­fort­able through­out the pro­ce­dure. Your Dia­mond Vision Sur­geon will use top­i­cal anes­thet­ic drops pri­or to the pro­ce­dure and may choose to admin­is­ter a light seda­tive as well. The Visian ICL has already improved the lives of more than 100,000 peo­ple world­wide, and it’s help­ing more every day!

What will my vision be like?

In a study of 500 patients who received the Staar Visian ICL at Fort Bragg, 98% of patients report­ed bet­ter vision than they had in their glass­es pre­vi­ous­ly and 75% said their vision was bet­ter than it had been in their con­tact lens­es. Dr. Stet­son and the team at Dia­mond Vision have observed sim­i­lar results and in fact had many patients who have expe­ri­enced an improve­ment in their best cor­rect­ed vision.

What are the risks?

While rapid visu­al recov­ery is expect­ed with­in hours of the pro­ce­dure, it should be empha­sized that this pro­ce­dure is still an intra-ocu­lar surgery and thus car­ries with it some small risks. While these rates are spec­u­la­tive and data con­tin­ues to be reviewed, sur­geons believe that the risks of infec­tion are sus­pect­ed to be approx­i­mate­ly 0.07% or 7 out of 10,000 since the age of fourth gen­er­a­tion flouro­quinalone antibi­ot­ic prophlax­is which we cur­rent­ly use.

There is a small risk of  increased intra-ocu­lar pres­sure for which patients will be close­ly mon­i­tored dur­ing the first 24 hours after the pro­ce­dure. The risk of an exten­sive course of inflam­ma­tion is very low. Five-year fol­low up data sug­gests a 1–2% risk of cataract for­ma­tion and this data con­tin­ues to be reviewed as more ICLs are placed.  Dr Stet­son has observed a slight­ly less than 1% rate of mild cataract for­ma­tion after place­ment of more than 100 ICLs over 5 years.  How­ev­er, he has not had to remove or replace any ICLs that he has implant­ed.

Eye rub­bing or hav­ing ICL posi­tioned too close one’s native lens may increase the risk of cataract for­ma­tion long term. The team at Dia­mond Vision will mon­i­tor your ICL Lens Posi­tion to ensure prop­er place­ment to min­i­mize this risk.

Here are some of our patient’s testimonials who have received vision correction with ICL:

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