iLASIK Surgery 

The iLASIK surgery pro­ce­dure brings the best to the table what vision correction provides with all the technical refinements and advancements modern medicine has to offer.

What is Intralase LASIK Surgery

The Intralase iLASIK procedure combines all the benefits of LASIK treatments, using advanced technology that helps us create a unique eye map of your optical pathway, ensuring better outcomes and overall better procedure results.

The iLASIK procedure is all about the customization that fits your highly individualized vision-correction needs. Everything is catered to your needs and individual vision dynamics. As a result, the iLASIK surgery procedure will be a completely integrated and personalized method that uses the latest technology in vision correction and every step. Come to our iLASIK NYC prac­tice and find out more!

What Procedures does iLASIK combine

As mentioned above, iLASIK combines everything that LASIK technology has to offer in a single, highly efficient, and highly personalized procedure. It combines all that LASIK has to offer in one efficient package:
  • Custom Vue – a procedure that improves night vision
  • Iris Registration – helps achieve sharper vision by optimizing the placement of the laser treatment
  • LASIK Intralase – to enhance patient safety and outcome predictability

What are the benefits of iLASIK Surgery

Without a doubt, ILASIK has several advantages, and they are the following:

  • iLASIK is painless: During the iLASIK surgery, patients usually receive numbing drops to combat any potential discomfort. The only thing most patients will experience is slight pressure on their eyes.
  • Fast procedure: The actual iLASIK procedure only takes 10 to 15 minutes, and both eyes are treated on the same day. Recovery time is also very swift, taking you no more than one to two days to resume living your normal life. As a matter of fact, oftentimes, most patients can resume their regular activities the next day.
  • Convenient and non-invasive: This blase-free procedure doesn’t require the use of needles or stitches and carries little risk.
  • Improved vision quality: The most important benefit of iLASIK is the impeccable vision quality following surgery. Even though results may vary from patient to patient, most who undergo iLASIK achieve 20/20 vision.
  • Better social life: Some people who didn’t grow up wearing glasses but get a prescription later in life often struggle to adjust. Some tend to socialize without glasses or don’t like wearing them. As a result, they may spend most of their time without corrective eyewear, which may even worsen their vision. For these people, iLASIK can completely eliminate this social anxiety.
  • No discomfort: Some people also feel uncomfortable when wearing glasses or contacts. Additionally, there are no issues with your field of view, distorting peripheral vision. Needless to say, iLASIK will solve these problems as well.
  • No upkeep: Contacts need proper care and cleaning every day to evade eye infections. Following the iLASIK procedure, you will only need to be a bit more careful regarding your vision during the healing process, which takes no longer than two weeks.
  • No eye fatigue: People who wear contacts can also suffer from CES or corneal exhaustion syndrome, which happens when the cornea is depleted of oxygen for prolonged periods.

Following iLASIK surgery, you won’t have to deal with these issues anymore.

Why trust Diamond Vision with your iLASIK Surgery Procedure

Why should you entrust us with such a precious thing as your vision? Well, when it comes to iLASIK surgery and other laser vision correction procedures, our experts at Diamond Vision have a proven track record and are highly experienced in their field. Our award-winning LASIK surgeons will do everything they can to correct your vision and address any eye problems you may have.

As a matter of fact, Diamond Vision is one of the leading physician group practices in the field. For example, Dr. Stetson, our Medical Director, has performed over 50,000 refractive surgeries and has been a vital member of our LASIK surgeon staff since 2004.

Each year, prescription glasses typically cost from $250-$550 and contacts often cost over $550 annually, and then there’s $200 or more in solutions and maintenance. These costs add up quickly over the years and can mean well over $5000 spent in the span of only 5 to 7 years.

A lot of people think that vision correction procedures like iLASIK are a lot more expensive than wearing traditional glasses or contacts. Well, when looking at the costs, that belief might not be true in the long run. On average, prescription eyewear can cost up to $263 and $325. Contacts cost around $240, with about $145 of additional supplies each year. These fees can add up to several thousand dollars throughout the years.

On the other hand, iLASIK is a one-time procedure that costs around $2000 to $3000 per eye.

Also, the odds are in your favor with iLASIK, as the procedure has an overall success rate of 90% to 95%.

Even with such an outstanding success rate, you should still know that all procedures carry some risks, and iLASIK surgery is, unfortunately, no exception. Complications with the corneal flap may occur, even though the chances of this happening are far less when the procedure is performed by an experienced professional.

With iLAsik, flap irregularity risks are reduced. As the Intralase LASIK laser is computer-guided, the procedure will ensure that the corneal flap won’t be too shallow or deep, with the edges remaining as smooth and straight as possible.

Who is a good candidate for iLASIK Surgery

To be a good candidate for the procedure, you need to be older than 18. Also, you should fit the following criteria:
  • You have a stable vision prescription.
  • Your eyes are in good shape, and you don’t struggle with issues like glaucoma, dry eyes, muscle imbalances, lazy eye, and Keratoconus.
  • You’re healthy with a prescription that’s not too strong.
  • Pregnancy and the related hormonal changes can affect your vision as well, potentially causing difficulties during surgery and recovery.

How does iLASIK Surgery Procedure work?

As already highlighted before, the iLASIK procedure aims at treating the unique imperfections of every patient’s eyes. With the help of WaveScan technology and the revolutionary Fourier algorithms, we are able to deliver the highest possible resolution of your optical pathway. Then, the advanced laser technology procedures can provide the most effective and accurate treatment.

Recovery from iLASIK

As said before, iLASIK surgery is fast, only taking 10 to 15 minutes, and the downtime is also short. Most patients will be able to get on with their everyday life the next day. In other cases, it making a full recovery may take two days. Patients may also need to take better care of their eyes in the following two weeks to ensure they get the best results from the iLASIK procedure. To schedule an appointment and to discuss your options regarding iLASIK, schedule an appointment at our iLASIK NYC practice in Manhattan, Atlanta, or Paramus.

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