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Are you looking for an ophthalmologist? Look no further than Diamond Vision NYC. Diamond Vision is a physician group practice specializing in LASIK and laser eye surgery. Your eyesight is our priority. Allow the best doctors in the country to care for your eyes and vision at our Lasik Surgery center in New York.

LASIK Surgery in New York – About the Procedure

After setting up your NY LASIK consultation, your LASIK eye surgeon will take detailed measurements of your eye. During your LASIK eye surgery, the expert creates a flap in the dome-shaped transparent surface of the eye (the cornea) and reshapes it with the laser’s help. Essentially, the process can correct most of the eye’s refraction problems.

And if you are looking for LASIK surgery in New York, rest assured that you’ve come to the best place! Millions have chosen LASIK and have never looked back since.

Additionally, We at Diamond Vision, among NY LASIK centers, excel at using the latest technological advancements in a friendly and compassionate environment, making this surgery even simpler and more straightforward.

The Benefits of Visiting our NY LASIK Center

If you opt for LASIK eye surgery in our New York City office, apart from receiving the best possible eye care, you will also experience the following benefits of the procedure:

Improved vision: It only takes a single outpatient procedure to say farewell to glasses and enjoy to benefits of better vision

Speedy recovery: It’s safe to say that there’s little downtime with the surgery, and most patients can return to their regular daily routine the day after the procedure.

Lasting results: After your LASIK surgery in our NY office, your vision will usually stabilize rapidly over the course of couple weeks, but you will want to use lubricating artificial tear drops for a few months until the cornea has fully healed its inner layers and by then you will be able to enjoy long term treatment results.

Say goodbye to corrective eyewear: After having LASIK eye surgery, the vast majority of patients will no longer have to deal with glasses or contacts.

LASER Eye Surgery in NYC – Who’s a Good Candidate?

Before undergoing the procedure, your eye surgeon will examine your eyes, thoroughly review your medical history and ask a few questions to determine whether you’re a good candidate for surgery.

In short, to qualify for LASIK, you should be:

  • Eighteen years of age or older. Patients younger than this may often experience further changes in their prescriptions.
  • In good overall health. Conditions such as diabetes may lead to issues if glucose levels are not well controlled, so it’s important to discuss your medical history and any previous illnesses with your Lasik eye surgeon so they can better assess any potential risks.
  • Your prescription should be stable.
  • Pregnancy may also lead to complications as hormonal changes in the body can alter your refraction. So if you are pregnant, you should wait to have Lasik until after you’ve had your baby and finished nursing.

For these reasons and more, it’s important to consult with your eye surgeon to establish whether you are an ideal candidate for the procedure or not. If you are considering LASIK eye surgery in NYC, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

LASIK Eye Surgery

Atlanta, GA

Correcting the shape of the cornea, this highly efficient and safe procedure can treat astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. One of the most reliable treatments in the field, boasting a 95% success rate.

iLASIK Surgery Procedure

Atlanta, GA

Combining the best of what LASIK has to offer, this procedure is tailored to the specific vision dynamics of the patient. The surgery aims at treating the unique imperfections of every patient’s eyes. With the help of WaveScan technology and the revolutionary Fourier algorithms, we are able to deliver the highest possible resolution of your optical pathway. Then, the advanced laser technology procedures can provide the most effective and accurate treatment.

Intralase LASIK

Atlanta, GA

Intralase LASIK uses the newest Intralase femtosecond laser technology. During this procedure, instead of using a blade to create the corneal flap, your surgeon also uses a laser. This way, Intralase has even better predictability and can serve as an option for those who didn’t qualify for LASIK previously.

CustomVue Wavefront LASIK

Atlanta, GA

Custom LASIK” or “wavefront LASIK.” CustomVue treatments use WaveScan™ technology, originally developed to reduce distortions in high-powered telescopes. The treatment creates a detailed map of your eye and enables the laser to work with even more precision.

Kamra Inlay

Atlanta, GA

Kamra eye procedure is a corrective procedure aimed at improving the effects of diminishing near vision which occurs during the eye’s natural aging process.

PRK Eye Surgery

Atlanta, GA

PRK laser eye surgery or Photorefractive Keratectomy is part of a family of procedures called “surface ablations” because the laser is applied directly on the surface of the cornea rather than under a flap, as with LASIK. Surgeons worldwide have performed PRK for over 20 years now.

LipiFlow Dry Eyes Treatment

Atlanta, GA

LipiFlow allows treating the causes of evaporative dry eye successfully and with ease.
This dry eyes treatment directly deals with the root causes of the condition, providing gentle and warm heat to the eyelids while at the same time gently massaging them.

ICL (Implantable Contact Lenses)

Atlanta, GA
The EVO ICL is a lens implant that has the capacity to reduce and/or correct moderate or severe astigmatism and nearsightedness (between the ranges of –3.0 D to –20.0 D). As a matter of fact, these permanent contact lenses are able to treat these problems that are well beyond the ranges of LASIK, which is up to 4.0 D of astigmatism and -12.0 D of nearsightedness.

Cataract Surgery

Atlanta, GA

During surgery, we will use an ultrasound device or laser to help break up the cloudy cataract lens into tiny pieces. Then these small pieces are carefully removed through gentle suction. After the cloudy lens has been removed, we will replace it with an artificial lens implant.

Intacs Corneal Implants

Atlanta, GA

Intacs corneal implants are an exciting option for individuals experiencing intolerance to contact lenses and who are facing a corneal transplant. Intacs corneal implants may be the best possible option to stabilize the cornea, improve vision and potentially defer the need for a corneal transplant.

Center For LASIK Eye Surgery NYC

At Diamond Vision, we are the best Lasik Eye Surgeons in New York. Our award-winning eye surgeons provide the best of the best in corrective vision procedures. As a leading laser eye surgery NYC Center, we have helped thousands of LASIK patients in NYC to improve their eyesight. Do you need help determining if LASIK eye surgery is right for you? Take our short quiz to find out.

Lasik & Ophthalmology services at Diamond Vision New York:

Besides LASIK, our Manhattan, NYC office offers several other treatments for vision problems. Other services apart from LASIK in New York City, NY
  • Eye Exams
  • Eye Disease Diagnosis And Treatment
  • Medication Prescriptions
  • Corrective Eye Surgery
  • Eyeglasses And Contact Lenses Prescription
  • EVO ICL implantable contact lenses
  • Free Lasik Consultation

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