CustomVue Procedure in NYC

You may have heard CustomVue treatments referred to as “custom LASIK” or “wavefront LASIK.” CustomVue treatments use WaveScan™ technology, originally developed to reduce distortions in high-powered telescopes.

Advanced CustomVue: Wavefront LASIK Procedure In New York, Atlanta & Paramus

Using advanced science and the latest in technological advancements, CustomVue Lasik uses mathematical algorithms to precisely measure and locate vision aberrations that are unique to your eye. The procedure literally takes a “fingerprint” of the cornea that serves as a guide map for the computerized laser used for vision correction. This advanced mapping solution for Custom LASIK helped solve the issues related to the traditional Lasik procedure. Dry eyes, halo vision, glare, and generally, irritations are much rarer with CustomVue.

What is the Wavefront LASIK procedure

In addition, the CustomVue procedure uses Iris Registration Technology – the first fully automated method of aligning and registering wavefront corrections for CustomVue treatments. This non-contact method of aligning the treatment to the cornea provides greater alignment accuracy.

With wavefront LASIK treatments, your doctor can measure and correct the unique imperfections in your vision. As shown in FDA clinical studies for the treatment of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, the CustomVue procedure can produce better vision than is possible with glasses or contact lenses.

What are the benefits of CustomVue Wavefront LASIK?

Wavefront Lasik comes with several advantages, here are only a few:

  • Measure imperfections in your eye 25 times more precisely than standard methods.
  • Produce a detailed map of your eye – as unique as your fingerprint.
  • Generate digital information which is transferred directly to the laser used in your procedure to provide a new level of precision and accuracy

What technology does Wavefront LASIK use

Wavefront LASIK uses an aberrometer, a measuring device, that generates a unique map of your eye showing every piece of information of both the “lower-order aberrations” and “higher-order aberrations”.

  • The first category makes up roughly 90% of your visual imperfections (like astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia).
  • The other category is responsible for the remaining 10% of vision problems, like poor night vision, halos, and glare.

While standard LASIK will only correct lower-order aberrations, Wavefront LASIK manages to correct both types, giving the best possible results.

Why trust Diamond Vision with CustomVue Wavefront LASIK

Our highly trained staff here at Diamond Vision is your go-to choice not just for CustomVue LASIK, but for any vision correction treatment.
As experts in the field, we utilize only the latest technology and processes, ensuring the highest possible success rates. We strive to restore every patient’s vision to its former glory and, with that, give them not just their crystal clear vision back but their old life without glasses and contacts as well.
Our experienced team of doctors has been performing Wavefront LASIK for years with success, so rest assured, you’re going to be in great hands. That being said, feel free to visit our NYC, Atlanta, and Paramus locations to discuss your options with our surgeons.

When it comes to prices, you will see that CustomVue Lasik will vary in prices, with the average costs ranging between $2200 to $3200 for each eye.

It probably goes without saying that Wavefront LASIK also gives better visual results when compared to standard LASIK treatments. The greater precision also increases success rates considerably and manages to reduce the need for having enhancement procedures post-op.

Even though Wavefront LASIK is an extremely effective and safe procedure, it’s unfortunately not entirely free from complications and associated risks.
Some patients will experience complications like infection and flap-related issues. However, by choosing an experienced team of surgeons like us here at Diamond Vision, you can greatly reduce the chances of risks.

Who is a good candidate for CustomVue LASIK?

Until the epithelium heals fully, patients may experience hazy and/or blurry vision for a few days, along with some discomfort. However, all of this can be minimized by using pain medication, eye drops, and protective contact lenses.

Because of the improved vision and success rate, the best candidates for CustomVue are those who have undergone more traditional laser vision correction treatments and have been dissatisfied with the end results.

During the Wavefront LASIK treatment, the computer-guided laser makes a thin flap on your eye’s cornea. With this, the tissue beneath can be adjusted, resulting in correcting the refractive errors. Then, the thin flap will be replaced, and the natural healing process can begin.
Most patients will start to experience and feel the benefits within only 24 hours.
Naturally, this fast procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

What to expect from CustomVue LASIK

For instance, over 92% of patients who had CustomVue WaveFront Lasik mentioned passing their driving test without having to wear contacts or glasses a year after having the treatment.

3/4s of clinical study participants had 20/20 (or better) vision without contacts or glasses a year after the procedure.

Generally, clinical studies show high satisfaction with night vision as well following the procedure when compared to night vision with contacts and glasses.

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