Lipiflow Procedure – Best Treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

Millions of people suffer from dry eye syndrome, and it is most often defined based on the quantity or quality of your tears.
The most common form of dry eye is evaporative dry eye. LipiFlow® is a revolutionary treatment that allows your doctor to treat the cause of your Evaporative Dry Eye directly. Dry eye syndrome can cause annoyances in your life, from reading or watching TV to driving or working on the computer.
We also feature a state-of-the-art Dry Eye Diagnosis and treatment center, including a Lipiview Interferometer. to assist in the diagnosis of oil-deficient dry eye/ ocular surface disease, as well as osmolarity testing to monitor dry eye severity and response to treatments. The Lipiflow procedure and BlephEx (for eyelid-related dry eye/“blepharitis”) are among the best dry eye treatments available right in our office!

What is the LipiFlow Procedure, and How It Can Help Dry Eye Syndrome?

LipiFlow allows for treating the causes of evaporative dry eye successfully and with ease.
This dry eye syndrome treatment directly deals with the root causes of the condition, providing gentle and warm heat to the eyelids while at the same time gently massaging them.
This way, the LipiFlow procedure effectively removes all the blockage in the meibomian glands, allowing them to continue producing the clogged oils.
Following LipiFlow, your eye glands will be able to produce their natural oils for the tear film, effectively eliminating the problem of dry eyes.
With enough oil production, tears won’t be able to evaporate quickly and will ensure a much healthier eye surface.
With only a single session of the LipoFlow treatment, you can experience significant relief from dry eye syndrome and all the accompanying symptoms and discomfort, which include:

Long-term Benefits of The LipiFlow Treatment: Addressing Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome

LipiFlow is a safe and efficient dry eye syndrome treatment and is the only FDA-approved solution for the problem. It is considered to be among the best dry eye syndrome treatments available. Additionally, it’s also completely painless, non-invasive, and there’s also no need for anesthetics.
When it comes to long-term benefits, most eye doctors and patients alike will highlight that it gives long relief from dry eyes and all the associated problems.
As a matter of fact, the LipiFlow procedure tends to be among the most reliable options for patients who are looking for long-term relief. The problem with dry eyes is the fact that the condition can be chronic, meaning that patients may find themselves in need of further treatments as time passes. Even in the case of chronic dry eye syndrome, with LipiFlow, relief will still be more pronounced and more prolonged. In some cases, the effectiveness of the LipiFlow treatment can last up to two years, depending on the patient.

Why Trust Diamond Vision with
Lipiflow Treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome

As eye specialists, we know that patients who suffer from dry eyes need reliable treatment options that will enable them quick and long-term relief from the problem.

We understand the importance of having crisp and clear vision, and we also know that eye fatigue, blurred vision, redness, and everything else associated with dry eyes can impair you from performing everyday tasks and can interfere with your overall quality of life.

As professionals with decades of experience in the field, you can rest assured that our dedicated eye surgeons and professional staff were among the first to use LipiFlow as the most effective treatment to combat dry eye syndrome.

Visit either our New York City, Atlanta, or Paramus locations to learn more about the LipiFlow eye treatment and why should you trust us with regarding dry eye syndrome treatment.

More About LipiFlow

For those who suffer from dry eyes and are also considering other treatment options as well, such as laser vision correction surgery, Diamond Vision offers Lipiflow for only $895 when purchasing with any laser eye surgery.


When it comes to this dry eyes treatment, you should know that LipiFlow has a success rate of roughly around 86%, with about three days to experience symptom improvements. Most patients will continue to see improvements until they are no longer affected by any dry eye-related symptoms.


Even though LipiFlow is painless and among the safest procedures, it can still have minor side effects in some patients. Possible problems may include slight stinging and burning, additional dryness, redness, and light sensitivity. However, you should know that these complications are extremely rare and never permanent. 

Who Is a Good Candidate for The LipiFlow Procedure for Dry Eyes

Patients who are good candidates for LipFlow treatment are previously diagnosed with dry eye syndrome, usually because of MGD or meibomian gland dysfunction.

As such, candidacy for this type of dry eyes treatment will be determined after a detailed eye exam. Your surgeon will evaluate your glands and the tear film. If your eye doctor establishes the presence of blockages of the lack of gland activity, they may recommend LipiFlow.

What Other Dry Eye Treatments do We Perform?

Oftentimes, dry eye symptoms result from blepharitis, an inflammatory eyelid condition. Irritated, red, and flaky eyelids are usually telltale signs of the condition, and they can lead to even more severe problems, such as dry eyes.


Patients who suffer from blepharitis can take advantage of our NelphEx treatment, and in-office option, that can provide lasting relief from blepharitis and all related problems. The procedure safely removes the debris from the edge of the eyelashes, helps exfoliate the eyelids, and reduces discomfort almost immediately.

How does The LipiFlow Procedure Work

During LipiFlow treatment, gentle heat protects the eye while the inner eyelids are massaged with special patented technology.

The combination of the message and the elevated temperature help to soften, release, and break up the blockages that prevent the meibomian glands from functioning properly.

Once the glands are cleared of the blockage, normal oil production will resume keeping the eyes lubricated.

This safe and quick in-office treatment will usually take no more than 10 to 25 minutes, with most patients experiencing no discomfort or pain.

What to Expect from LipiFlow Eye Treatment

Following LipiFlow, most patients can expect to return to their everyday lives shortly, along with easing symptoms. 
However, you should know that the outcome of LipiFlow treatment will mostly depend on the degree and the nature of the patient’s condition.
To ensure the best outcomes, each LipiFlow treatment is catered to the individual needs of our patients. 
As mentioned already, some patients may experience improvements shortly after the treatment, while others see the results after a few days.
In more severe cases, your doctor might recommend a series of LipiFlow eye treatments.

LipiFlow Costs

As far as LipiFlow costs go, patients can’t go wrong with Diamond Vision. In the case of new patients, the cost will be $1295 for both eyes. For patients who already had surgery with us, the LipiFlow costs will be significantly lower: only $995 for both eyes.  
Lastly, we frequently offer special deals, meaning that patients can even receive the LipiFlow dry eye syndrome treatment for an even better price.

BlephEx Treatments – Alternative Dry Eye Treatment At Diamond Vision

Apart from LipiFlow, we also offer the BlehpEx procedure, a new in-office procedure that is also capable of providing lasting relief from dry eye syndrome and blepharitis. Essentially, the BlephEx treatment involves eyelid cleaning or removing the debris from the edges and along the eyelashes while exfoliating the eyelids and immediately addressing all uncomfortable symptoms that stem from dry eye syndrome and blepharitis.

Blepharitis is a prevalent eyelid condition that causes inflammation. The main cause of the problem is bacterial overgrowth on the edge of the eyelid and around the base of the lashes. 

To tackle these problems, our experts offer eyelid cleaning, or the BlephEX treatment, which removes the bacteria and the debris from the affected areas. 

During the BlephEx procedure, your provider holds a device that spins a medical-grade, tiny sponge along the base of the lashes and the edge of the eyelids to remove the unwanted bacteria and debris. To ensure maximum efficiency and to prevent additional bacteria spread, providers use a clean micro-sponge for every eye. After the treatment, the eyes will also be washed thoroughly. 

The entire procedure takes no longer than ten minutes, and numbing drops are used to eliminate discomfort. Typically, the effects of the BlephEx procedure will last for approximately four to six months.

To Learn More or To Get Started
With Treatment, Reach Out

If you also seek relief from the discomfort and symptoms related to dry eye syndrome, schedule a call with our professionals at our New York City, Atlanta, and Paramus locations and start seeing improvements in your vision as soon as possible.

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