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How Much Does LASIK Cost?

Our LASIK cost or PRK cost is $2,200 per eye, but we are currently offering significant discounts. At your free consultation, you will learn about the various procedures we offer, financing opportunities, as well as the simple steps that will help you achieve the vision you need and the lifestyle you want.
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Here’s what some of our patients had to say about Diamond Vision fees…

“I was originally somewhat skeptical about Diamond Vision given that their prices were the lowest in the greater Fairfield County area. My doubts were immediately erased. From the moment I first arranged a free consultation via Diamond Vision’s website, I was very impressed with how professional and organized the folks at Diamond Vision were. I will also mention that of the three laser eye surgery consultations I had, your diagnostic equipment was the most technologically advanced.” “Not only was Diamond Vision the friendliest, most accomodating, and very knowledgeable, but they were also much less expensive than the majority of practices out there.” Michelle A.

We stand by our results. With Diamond Vison’s Lifetime Diamond Care Guarantee, you get ultimate peace of mind:

  1. One year of unlimited post-operative follow-up visits.In the first year, we will never charge you if you want to be seen for any reason related to your procedure.
  2. For the rest of your life, or an agreed upon timespan (i.e. 7 years)  if you ever need an enhancement, it will be offered at a discounted rate or even free, if such a free enhancement package has been purchased with your original surgery.

The Lifetime Diamond Care Guarantee is offered to all our patients. There are no conditions, restrictions, or eligibility criteria.

The fee includes preoperative measurements, surgical fee, facility fee and all postoperative visits for a period of a year.

Most health plans do not cover laser vision correction. However, we participate in many health-insurance sponsored plans or extend discounts to their members – among them Aetna, Cigna, BCBS, etc. Please be sure to bring your insurance card with you on the day of consultation.

Diamond Vision offers financing with approved credit for your iLasik procedure! Financing is available with or without a down-payment. Some restrictions apply.

At Diamond Vision, we have pioneered a new model. We embrace the ethics and traditions of the medical profession with its focus on patients and its emphasis on research and excellence. We also have the scale needed to incorporate managerial and technological innovations,and therefore to stay competitive. In particular, we are able to pass on to you the following savings:

  • No corporate overhead
  • Five laser centers and the resulting economies of scale
  • A large part of our practice comes from patient referrals
  • Prior to the procedure, you will be given a prescription of antibiotic drops to bring with you on the day of the surgery. These drops cost around $30 and are reimbursable by your health insurance.
  • Depending on the procedure you have, you may need more drops than what is provided in your post-op kit. These eye drops will be your responsibility, and they are also covered by insurance.
  • In some cases, a fee applies when and if you need an enhancement procedure.

The initial consultation is free. You will be charged $250 for your pre-operative measurements. If you decide to proceed with surgery, this fee will be applied to the cost of your procedure. Payment must be made in full before the procedure. All major credit cards are accepted, as well as bank checks. Personal checks are accepted only one week prior to surgery. Debit cards are only accepted for payments of $500 and under, depending on your debit card’s daily withdrawal limit.

Many companies seek preferential arrangements with Diamond Vision to enhance the visual performance and well-being of their staff. You can help set up an advantage program with our company, and you will be reimbursed for the savings originating from the new program. Ask about this opportunity at the time of your free consultation, or click here to find out more.

We offer a lot of benefits when it comes to our LASIK costs and PRK costs. When you schedule your consultation, you will have the opportunity to talk to one of our employees who deals with financing options. We are aware that this is also an important step when opting for corrective eye surgery. What does this mean for you? With one of our procedures, you can avoid paying the same daily cost for decades or more in contact lenses and glasses. In just a few years, you will save thousands of dollars!! This is an additional benefit of LASIK and PRK procedures. Your time is, of course, a priceless commodity, and just think of how much you’ll save not having to fuss with glasses or contacts!

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