Implantable Contacts are a Permanent Solution

It is often thought that the only options for vision correction are contacts, glasses or laser surgery. Contacts and glasses are a daily ritual and can be expensive over time with supplies and changing of prescriptions. Laser surgery requires patients to fit certain criteria to be eligible and the results are very rarely less than expected. However, a much less known procedure is available for patients that are looking for a more permanent solution than contacts and glasses, but might not be the right candidate for laser surgery. Implantable or permanent contacts are the solution.

Permanent contacts are made of a biocompatible collamer material that is flexible and protects against harmful UV light. The ideal candidate is between the ages of 21 and 45 with no prior ophthalmic surgery or history of eye diseases. The contacts are inserted into very small micro openings and placed behind the iris and just in front of the patients’ natural lens. The procedure takes roughly 15-20 minutes and superior vision is immediately experienced. Implantable contact lens cost is roughly $4,000 per eye due to the location of the procedure, use of laser to create the micro openings, and the actual contact lenses themselves. While it may be slightly more expensive than laser eye surgery, thousands of people every year who do not qualify for laser eye surgery and want to be rid of glasses/contacts for good opt for this wonderful, life changing procedure. For more information contact Diamond Vision or visit the website at

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