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Implantable Contacts are a Permanent Solution

It is often thought that the only options for vision cor­rec­tion are con­tacts, glass­es or laser surgery. Con­tacts and glass­es are a dai­ly rit­u­al and can be expen­sive over time with sup­plies and chang­ing of pre­scrip­tions. Laser surgery requires patients to fit cer­tain cri­te­ria to be eli­gi­ble and the results are very rarely less than expect­ed. How­ev­er, a much less known pro­ce­dure is avail­able for patients that are look­ing for a more per­ma­nent solu­tion than con­tacts and glass­es, but might not be the right can­di­date for laser surgery. Implantable or per­ma­nent con­tacts are the solu­tion.

Per­ma­nent con­tacts are made of a bio­com­pat­i­ble col­lamer mate­r­i­al that is flex­i­ble and pro­tects against harm­ful UV light. The ide­al can­di­date is between the ages of 21 and 45 with no pri­or oph­thalmic surgery or his­to­ry of eye dis­eases. The con­tacts are insert­ed into very small micro open­ings and placed behind the iris and just in front of the patients’ nat­ur­al lens. The pro­ce­dure takes rough­ly 15–20 min­utes and supe­ri­or vision is imme­di­ate­ly expe­ri­enced. Implantable con­tact lens cost is rough­ly $4,000 per eye due to the loca­tion of the pro­ce­dure, use of laser to cre­ate the micro open­ings, and the actu­al con­tact lens­es them­selves. While it may be slight­ly more expen­sive than laser eye surgery, thou­sands of peo­ple every year who do not qual­i­fy for laser eye surgery and want to be rid of glasses/contacts for good opt for this won­der­ful, life chang­ing pro­ce­dure. For more infor­ma­tion con­tact Dia­mond Vision or vis­it the web­site at www.diamondvision.com.

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