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How and When to Use Warm Eye Compress

It’s spring and there’s one prob­lem we know our patients will men­tion to us: dry, itchy eyes from all the pollen here in the Tri-State and Atlanta regions. We suf­fer from the pollen, too, and we’re eye­care pro­fes­sion­als!

Before you reach for eye­drops or aller­gy tabs, try a warm com­press for eyes. It could bring you some pret­ty fast relief!

Make a Warm Not Hot Eye Compress!

Don’t use water that’s too hot for your com­press — it can burn the sen­si­tive skin around your eyes. We’re talk­ing tepid to warm water, at a tem­per­a­ture you’d feel safe for bathing a baby or pet.

Wash your hands with soap. Don’t use hand san­i­tiz­er — it doesn’t clean as well as soap. Fill a bowl with warm water and dip a clean, dry wash­cloth in it. Don’t use one you’ve already show­ered or bathed with because it will have soap residue. You want a cloth that’s been laun­dered since it’s last use. Soak the wash­cloth and wring it out.

Impor­tant: If both your eyes are affect­ed, use two wash­cloths so that any poten­tial infec­tion doesn’t spread.

If you wear con­tact lens­es, take them out; in fact, it’s a good idea to wear glass­es until your eyes recov­er. Fold the cloth and close your eyes. Put it on your tired, puffy eye for sev­er­al min­utes. Lie down and enjoy a quick nap. When the cloth cools down, turn it inside out and use the warm side for a few more min­utes. Repeat the process with fresh warm water if you need more relief.

Keep wash­cloths used for eye com­pres­sions sep­a­rate from the rest of the laun­dry to avoid pass­ing along an infec­tion. Wash them in hot water.

Why Did the Warm Eye Compress Work?

A warm com­press for eyes adds mois­ture to relieve that grav­el­ly feel­ing you get from dust and pollen par­ti­cles. It also soaks up oils that your eye glands nat­u­ral­ly make but can get clogged up from pollen, pol­lu­tion, or even eye make­up that should be thrown out.

As you know, warm com­press­es also relieve pain. Eye pain is no dif­fer­ent. Heat, even low-heat com­press­es, relax­es mus­cles and relieves pain from infec­tions, some­thing eyes are prone to dur­ing aller­gy sea­son.

Warm Eye Compresses Can Relieve Irritations from Conjunctivitis and Styes

Aller­gies can trig­ger con­junc­tivi­tis (pink eye), a com­mon eye infec­tion. Warm com­press­es can relieve the itch­ing and pain it brings, includ­ing from swollen eye­lids.

Non-aller­genic con­junc­tivi­tis can also be spread by shar­ing tow­els, cloth­ing, make­up, pret­ty much any­thing that comes in con­tact with the eye area. Con­tact lens wear­ers are prone to get­ting it if they don’t prop­er­ly store and ster­il­ize their lens­es.

Con­junc­tivi­tis can clear up on its own, but any event caused by a chem­i­cal splash should be treat­ed by a physi­cian right away.

Sim­i­lar­ly, styes can be treat­ed with warm com­press­es. Styes are abscess­es or pim­ples that form near eye­lash­es on upper or low­er lids. Most of the time they will heal on their own, but a stye that grows inside the eye­lid must be treat­ed by a physi­cian. Styes often start as sore spots on the upper or low­er eye­lid. The heat from a warm com­press can drain the sore and pre­vent it from devel­op­ing into a stye.

Our blog has lots of infor­ma­tion on treat­ing com­mon eye irri­ta­tions. Use the links above to learn more about iden­ti­fy­ing and pre­vent­ing them.

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