What Makes You a Good Candidate for LASIK?


More likely than not, you’ve heard about LASIK by now. You probably know somebody that had the surgery or is thinking about having it. But you aren’t sure what LASIK is, what LASIK qualifications are, and who is a good candidate for LASIK.

No worries, we’re here to shed some light on the topic. Since the results of the surgery are going to be influenced by your LASIK qualifications, it’s best to know a bit more about them before you go to the doctor’s office.

Read on, and find out are you suitable to be one of the LASIK eye surgery candidates.

Qualifications for LASIK That You Have to Meet

Lasik Eye Surgery Candidates Are Older

Unfortunately, if you are not 18 years old, you don’t meet the first of the LASIK qualifications. While you’re growing and going through changes, your eyesight is changing. That is the reason why performing this surgery would be useless for young people. If your vision is still going to change, then there is no point in getting LASIK.

Candidates that are over 18 might be ready for this step, but most doctors prefer the patient to be at least 21. So, if you aren’t of age, wait a couple of years, let your eyes mature, and then go for the surgery. Because once you’re done with it, you can say goodbye to eyesight issues.

Having a Stable Vision Prescription Is Important

As we mentioned, young people go through a lot of changes with their bodies, and their eyes are no exception. If you are one of the people that keep getting a different vision prescription, LASIK may not be the best solution. A changing prescription means that your corneas are also subject to change. That issue would weaken the benefits of a successful LASIK operation.

Having a stable prescription will allow you to get LASIK and be done with poor eyesight once and for all. In fact, your doctor will likely recommend that you have a stable vision for at least a year before going in for surgery. Only then will you be among the suitable LASIK eye surgery candidates.

Woman Wearing Glasses After Taking a Vision Test at the Doctor

Your Eyes Must Be In Good Shape

Going in for an eye exam is a must before the doctor decides who is a good candidate for LASIK. That’s when they determine how good your eye health is and if you are well enough to take the surgery and recover from it. If you are free of all eye diseases, you have nothing to worry about. However, chances are you might have to get some treatment before the surgery if you are struggling with some of these issues:

  • Dry eyes
  • Glaucoma
  • Lazy eye
  • Keratoconus
  • Muscle imbalance

Most people that suffer from dry eyes need to have the issue resolved before heading into LASIK surgery. Luckily, this isn’t difficult to do. There are supplements that can be of help, and artificial tears also usually do the trick. Once the symptoms aren’t as harsh, you can still get the operation. Having no eye injuries or infections is also one of the qualifications for LASIK.

Your Prescription Isn’t Too Strong

LASIK can only help with some prescriptions. It works well with both near and farsightedness and astigmatism but only up to a point. Although most people are inside these limits, some can’t make it. This is what your eye exam will determine. But, if your diopter isn’t quite large, this isn’t one of the qualifications for LASIK you have to worry about.

You’re Healthy

People with unstable general health aren’t compatible and don’t make the best candidates for LASIK. If you suffer from diabetes or some other chronic disease, you likely won’t get the green light from the doctors.

Any type of reoccurring condition that requires medical attention can keep you away from the surgery room. Eye diseases, however, are the most common reason for someone to be declined from surgery. No worries, this is why you have a doctor. Let them know about your previous conditions and go through an exam to check for any existing ones. The professional is going to let you know if you are suitable for LASIK, or not. Also, there might be a different solution to your problem. So, you never know. Go to the doctor’s and take a look at your options.

You Are Not Pregnant

Your body goes through a lot of hormonal changes throughout pregnancy. During that time you can feel morning sickness and other issues. Your hormones can affect your eyes and vision as well. For example, the shape of your cornea might change. This can cause difficulties during your LASIK surgery and recovery. Therefore, most doctors suggest waiting until you are in total control of your health and the body isn’t going through changes.

No Unexpected Issues

There are certain factors important for LASIK preparation that we can’t check for ourselves. For instance, the thickness of the cornea is critical if you intend on having a LASIK procedure. Of course, most of us cannot measure that at home. Nevertheless, it may be a disqualifying factor for your surgery.

Scheduling an exam before the surgery is a necessity to discover how prepared you are and if LASIK can help you. So head on to the doctor’s office!

A Consultation Will Determine Who Is a Good Candidate for LASIK

Once you fulfill the basic requirements to undergo a vision-correction surgery, you can go for a doctor’s exam that will determine if you are completely ready for the operation. But, make sure you come prepared. The goal of this conversation and the exam is to find out everything about your health, previous and current illnesses, possible medication you might be using, and more. So, since you are going to be talking about your medical history, it’s best to bring a sheet with all of the information. Once you inform the doctor about your history, you can expect a thorough exam of the eyes.

 Beaming Long-Haired Woman Having Appointment With Older Patient and Discussing Her Issues

What Does Recovery Look Like

The recovery process can vary from patient to patient. However, these are the most common steps after a LASIK procedure.

You don’t need to stay in the hospital for a longer time. You can rest for some time after the procedure, but there is no need for a longer stay. The doctor will check up on you and let you go home fairly soon after the procedure. Since you won’t be able to drive right away, it’s best to have someone drive you home.

Some itching or burning may occur, but you aren’t going to feel any significant issues with your eyes. Also, your sight might be blurry for the day, but that usually passes the next day. Going back to work can be as early as the next day, or as late as a week later. Regularly, a few days is enough to recover and go back to basics.

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