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What Happens if You Blink During Eye Surgery?

When it’s time to get LASIK, you might begin to won­der about a num­ber of unlike­ly sce­nar­ios. This is total­ly nor­mal! You are about to under­go a life-enhanc­ing pro­ce­dure, so you want to make sure that all odds are aligned in your favor.

Some patients want to know what hap­pens if you blink dur­ing laser eye surgery. After all, it seems fea­si­ble that your eye would nat­u­ral­ly blink dur­ing the process, right?

As plausible as it sounds, blinking during LASIK is incredibly unlikely, if not impossible, per a number of physician precautions:

Eye is numbed

Eye dropsBefore your laser eye pro­ce­dure, the physi­cian will admin­is­ter numb­ing drops to the eye or eyes of oper­a­tion. The drops relax the eyes, remov­ing their nat­ur­al incli­na­tion to blink.

Eyelids are physically held open

Dur­ing the pro­ce­dure, the physi­cian will keep a spe­cial device in place that phys­i­cal­ly opens the eye­lids. This ensures that the eyes can­not and will not blink through­out the surgery.

Body position

Your body will be com­fort­able and steady in as lay­ing posi­tion through­out the pro­ce­dure, so becom­ing rest­less or mov­ing around won’t be a prob­lem for the surgery to go smooth­ly.

Time is on your side

Remem­ber that the pro­ce­dure will be wrapped up with­in about twen­ty min­utes! Your body will have no prob­lem remain­ing relaxed and suc­cumb­ing to the eye-open­ing help from your physi­cian.

If you are expe­ri­enc­ing any safe­ty con­cerns or hav­ing ques­tions about your upcom­ing laser eye pro­ce­dure, do not hes­i­tate to reach out to our friend­ly, expe­ri­enced physi­cians at Dia­mond Vision. Our pri­or­i­ty is keep­ing you com­fort­able while we improve your vision, so please, get in touch with us! And if you’re dream­ing about the day you might be ready for LASIK, sched­ule an appoint­ment for a con­sul­ta­tion with our team, and learn how soon around the cor­ner your dream can be.


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