What Causes Bags Under Eyes (How to Get Rid of Them)

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The amount of money spent each year on beauty products, makeup, and procedures to help us fight the effects of time is quite staggering. With new products coming out, what seems to be on a weekly basis, claiming to be the next “Fountain of Youth”, it is easy to get caught up in the hype and promise of correcting any imperfections of our appearances.

Whether it is wrinkles or thin lips, we live in a society that is dominated and driven by looks. One of the biggest issues that men and women face is bags under their eyes. There are a variety of causes for these unsightly eyesores, and the good news is that there are several ways like eye fillers to help reduce or eliminate them all together as well. We’ll discuss what causes bags under eyes and how to get rid of them, so read on.

What Are the Causes of Bags Under Eyes

As we age, the tissues and muscles under our eyes, even throughout our body, begin to weaken. This weakening causes tissues, including the skin, to sag and appear droopy or baggy underneath the eyes. When normal fat cells, that are present around everyone’s eyes for support, shift and move into the lower eyelids, this makes the bags appear puffy.

Fluid retention is, also, another contributing factor for the puffiness under the eyes, that seems to give so many people problems. While age is one of the most common reasons for bags under eyes, there are several other culprits as well. Genetics, allergies, thyroid or kidney problems, iron deficiency, excessive caffeine or even smoking can cause under eye bags.

Many people may only have bags under their eyes during the morning, right after they wake up. This is because the circulatory system reduces its level of functioning during the night, and this causes excess fluid to pool in these tissues. For almost all individuals, the common puffy, dark circles are most likely going to be a cosmetic nuisance, rather than an alarm for a serious underlying condition, nonetheless, some rare cases may be serious.

Tips and Tricks for Getting Rid of Bags Under Eyes

While you can’t necessarily do anything about fighting the effects of time or genetics, there are several tips, tricks, and remedies that can help reduce or eliminate under eye bags. Below are some things that you can try, to help answer your question of, “how to get rid of bags under your eyes.”

  • Cold Compress – just like when you get an injury, and you are supposed to ice it to help cut down on the swelling, cold compresses for your eyes are a great trick to help eliminate any excess puffiness or inflammation. Soak a washcloth or wrap an ice pack in a towel, and apply to your eyes for a few minutes under slight pressure.
  • Green Tea – this may sound a bit out there but steeped green tea bags can help improve circulation and reduce inflammation. So, brew two bags of tea and let them cool before placing them under your eyes.
  • Elevated Head – while sleeping, try adding an extra pillow to create more of an angle. This will help the gravity pull the fluids out, and reduce any unwanted retention.
  • Reduce Salt Intake – avoid salty foods
  • Minimize diuretic drinks – caffeine and alcohol are two big causes of fluid retention. They act as diuretics, which pull water from tissues. This causes the tissues underneath the eyes to look saggy and deflated.
  • Don’t smoke – not only can the smoke cause eye irritation, nicotine can disrupt normal sleeping patterns, which can lead to an excessive buildup of fluid around the eyes. Smoking also produces substances within the body that breaks down the collagen (the natural elastic component of the skin).
  • Allergy medications – if your puffy under eye bags are caused by allergies, getting on an allergy medication can solve your problem, along with your allergies.
  • Makeup – this is a two-way tip because makeup can be used to hide bags underneath the eyes, but makeup can also cause problems if it is not removed before going to sleep. So, be sure to always remove makeup entirely before going to bed, and if the above-mentioned tips don’t help solve your problem, then try getting creative with makeup to conceal those bags.

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