How Soon After LASIK Surgery Can I Watch TV?

How Soon After LASIK Surgery Can I Watch TV?

You’ll be surprised to find out the post-op aftercare for laser eye surgery generally won’t disrupt your life too much and for a much shorter time than you’d expect. Our patient’s comfort is always the number one concern for us here at Diamond Vision, and we’re always available to fill them in on what to expect after LASIK surgery. One of the most frequently asked questions is “Can I watch TV after Lasik?”.

Of course, the procedure is safe and we’ve used it successfully many times on people from all different walks of life. For those that want to know how soon they can be back on any electronic device like a phone or tablet and laptop after LASIK,  the short answer is our quick procedure usually allows you to get back to a normal routine the next day.  

Good post-operative care is important. You’ll get a full schedule of easy to take medications you’ll need to take home afterward that include steroids and artificial tears. Remember that as quick and efficient as the operation is, proper precautions after laser eye surgery include not watching television, working on a computer or even reading for the rest of that rest of the day.

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