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Unexpected Lasik Benefits

Lasik surgery has more to offer than rid­ding your­self of unwant­ed glass­es or con­tact lens­es. There are unex­pect­ed ben­e­fits that peo­ple have expe­ri­enced as a result of their Lasik eye surgery. Along with clear vision with­out the aid of lens­es, take a look at some of these oth­er pos­si­ble rea­sons to move for­ward with Lasik surgery.

Health Ben­e­fits (Stress & Headache Reduc­tion)

In many ways our health affects our moods and how we relate to oth­ers. Sim­i­lar to wak­ing up on the wrong side of the bed or hav­ing one of those days where you feel you need to turn around and go home, our gen­er­al health has a sub­con­scious effect on how we react to the world and even oth­ers around us. Mount­ing stress on your body will dras­ti­cal­ly impact your mood even when it is locat­ed in the small­est areas, like around your eyes.

Have you ever worn your glass­es or con­tacts too long and had to remove them to rub your eyes because you felt a faint headache com­ing on from the pres­sure and stress build­ing? The slight, but con­stant stress of your eyes being restrained to a small­er area of focus than what they were designed for, can build up pres­sure and fatigue over time. As a result,some peo­ple expe­ri­ence a vari­ety of health symp­toms that most com­mon­ly show up as headaches, lack of focus, ener­gy loss and over­all stress. Not all peo­ple can keep a smile on their face when expe­ri­enc­ing these ail­ments, thus­ly affect­ing how the world reacts around them. So, if you have days when you feel like the world is against you, it wouldn’t hurt to look into ways to reduce stress; and in this case, caused by eye fatigue.

It is pos­si­ble that some, if not all of your eye fatigue could be relieved through Lasik surgery. This is absolute­ly one of the great­est unex­pect­ed Lasik surgery ben­e­fits. Not only could this pos­si­bly reduce headaches caused by stress and pres­sure form­ing around your eyes, it can increase your ener­gy lev­el as well. Often times, it’s hard to notice your body is using an excess amount of ener­gy to bat­tle some­thing to keep you healthy and focused on what you are doing. But when that stress is relieved and your body is no longer dis­trib­ut­ing extra resources and ener­gy to that area, you expe­ri­ence an instant ener­gy boost, almost as if it were a weight lift­ed off of your shoul­ders that you didn’t even real­ize was there. Walk­ing around with a lit­tle more pep in your step should sure­ly put a smile on your face and ush­er in some added pos­i­tiv­i­ty from those around you.

It is not com­plete­ly uncom­mon for peo­ple wear­ing con­tacts and eye glass­es pri­or to hav­ing Lasik to expe­ri­ence improved­vi­sion after the pro­ce­dure. Not only being able to see things more clear­ly from fur­ther dis­tances, but also improved periph­er­al vision as well. With cor­rec­tive lens­es, there is a gen­er­al area you focus your eyes in to get the most clar­i­ty out of your vision. After con­sis­tent use, your mind and your eyes rou­tine­ly start to only look in these areas and ignore the full scope of what your vision is capa­ble of. Lasik surgery brings the pos­si­bil­i­ty of your brain retrain­ing your eyes to start see­ing those so called, “blind spots” again, and for some, what they nev­er knew they were miss­ing.

Some­times the unex­pect­ed result is not get­ting back to where you were. Some­times, it’s get­ting some­thing you nev­er had before. Take care of your eyes and your health by see­ing a rec­om­mend­ed eye care provider like Dia­mond Vision. Dia­mond Vision in NYC pro­vides Lasik Surgery and is focused on keep­ing clients informed in all areas of eye health.

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