Unexpected Lasik Benefits

Unexpected Lasik Benefits

Lasik surgery has more to offer than ridding yourself of unwanted glasses or contact lenses. There are unexpected benefits that people have experienced as a result of their Lasik eye surgery. Along with clear vision without the aid of lenses, take a look at some of these other possible reasons to move forward with Lasik surgery.

Health Benefits (Stress & Headache Reduction)

In many ways our health affects our moods and how we relate to others. Similar to waking up on the wrong side of the bed or having one of those days where you feel you need to turn around and go home, our general health has a subconscious effect on how we react to the world and even others around us. Mounting stress on your body will drastically impact your mood even when it is located in the smallest areas, like around your eyes.

Have you ever worn your glasses or contacts too long and had to remove them to rub your eyes because you felt a faint headache coming on from the pressure and stress building? The slight, but constant stress of your eyes being restrained to a smaller area of focus than what they were designed for, can build up pressure and fatigue over time. As a result,some people experience a variety of health symptoms that most commonly show up as headaches, lack of focus, energy loss and overall stress. Not all people can keep a smile on their face when experiencing these ailments, thusly affecting how the world reacts around them. So, if you have days when you feel like the world is against you, it wouldn’t hurt to look into ways to reduce stress; and in this case, caused by eye fatigue.

It is possible that some, if not all of your eye fatigue could be relieved through Lasik surgery. This is absolutely one of the greatest unexpected Lasik surgery benefits. Not only could this possibly reduce headaches caused by stress and pressure forming around your eyes, it can increase your energy level as well. Often times, it’s hard to notice your body is using an excess amount of energy to battle something to keep you healthy and focused on what you are doing. But when that stress is relieved and your body is no longer distributing extra resources and energy to that area, you experience an instant energy boost, almost as if it were a weight lifted off of your shoulders that you didn’t even realize was there. Walking around with a little more pep in your step should surely put a smile on your face and usher in some added positivity from those around you.

It is not completely uncommon for people wearing contacts and eye glasses prior to having Lasik to experience improvedvision after the procedure. Not only being able to see things more clearly from further distances, but also improved peripheral vision as well. With corrective lenses, there is a general area you focus your eyes in to get the most clarity out of your vision. After consistent use, your mind and your eyes routinely start to only look in these areas and ignore the full scope of what your vision is capable of. Lasik surgery brings the possibility of your brain retraining your eyes to start seeing those so called, “blind spots” again, and for some, what they never knew they were missing.

Sometimes the unexpected result is not getting back to where you were. Sometimes, it’s getting something you never had before. Take care of your eyes and your health by seeing a recommended eye care provider like Diamond Vision. Diamond Vision in NYC provides Lasik Surgery and is focused on keeping clients informed in all areas of eye health.

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