This is the Technology Behind Lasik

Technology Behind Lasik

Lasik has taken a revolutionary turn in the 21st century. It is not only becoming more common within the community; it is becoming more common in athletes as well. Diamond Vision offers multiple procedures to improve your eyesight allowing you to rid yourself of pesky glasses that always seem to be getting in the way. When the term Lasik is tossed around, you think of lasers shooting pain and uncontrollable heat into your eye. Fortunately for you, that information is not true nor accurate.

Diamond Vision offers the latest lasik technology, as well as, beneficial information about each process. Listed below are multiple Lasik technologies available:

Ocular Response Analyzer (ORA)

Allowing eye doctors to measure the biomechanical tissue properties of the cornea, this device has revolutionized eye care. This instrument is based off of the glaucoma “puff test”.   This test was originally designed to measure the eye’s intraocular pressure (IOP). The Ocular Response Analyzer monitors your eyes rapid deformation, providing a measurement called corneal hysteresis, indicating the visco-elastic tissue properties of the cornea. “This new measurement gives us information about the strength characteristics of the cornea, which can help us diagnose corneal pathologies and give us a better ability to qualify candidates for refractive surgery procedures, such as LASIK” according to Steve Stetson, MD of Diamond Vision. Diamond vision has 1 out of the 150 devices installed in the USA.

The Oculus Pentacam Camera

The Oculus Pentacam Camera rotates to capture images of your cornea from different angles. This is an extremely helpful tool. This enables the doctor to gather as much information as they can about your eyes in order to properly conclude if Lasik is the right option for you. Prior to recommending the surgery, Diamond Vision performs an extensive screening of such sophisticated tests, ensuring the best results.

Iris Registration (IR)

This device prevents any unwanted movement in the lasers’ positioning. It works by taking images of the iris in the preoperative examination, which in turn will allow your actual iris patterns to be centered and positioned during treatment, while matched with the photos taken at pre-op. This, according to Diamond Vision will give you better vision through a more precise placement of the laser beam.

Intralase FS150 Upgrade

This is an advanced form of Lasik, which uses the new Intralase femtosecond laser. This reduces the risk of complications. Although the traditional Lasik that we are familiar with is an extremely safe and effective procedure. Intralase uses a laser to create the flap to reach the cornea, removing the need for a blade which is used in traditional Lasik. This lasik technology gives a more precise flap creation, throughout a faster and more comfortable procedure.

All of the above listed technologies have been assisting Diamond Vision with successful procedures, improving your eyesight with a precise, efficient, timely, and most importantly comfortable procedure. Diamond Vision takes pride in their masterfully practiced Lasik procedure. They have taken into account any issues or complications that could occur and gathered the best lasik technology to ensure the best possible outcome after each procedure performed.  One of our centers is the Atlanta Lasik Eye Surgery Clinic in Northlake Georgia. 

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