The Technology Behind Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik eye surgery has been one of the most groundbreaking and life-enhancing procedures of the 21st Century. Although it has earlier medical beginnings, the procedure has been warmly welcomed and widely adopted all across the globe in the last decade. Lasik has made corrective vision possible with just one procedure, letting so many people see life clearly and bid goodbye to the hassle of corrective eyewear.

What is it, though, that still stops the remaining population plagued by bad vision from committing to the life changing surgery?

A common deterrent to the operation is the curiosity of how much does Lasik cost? Because of the procedure’s reputable success, it has also garnered a reputation for a high price tag. Research will prove this part of its reputation exaggerated, and there are many payment plan options, to boot.

What is it, people still ask, that drives up the Lasik eye surgery cost? Much of the Lasik cost can be attributed to the superior technology used throughout the procedure.

The surgeon uses a tool called a femtosecond laser to create the thin flap in your cornea, beneath which the correction will be made. The femtosecond laser sends bursts of laser energy at a targeted area to break apart tissue at the molecular so as not to cause any surrounding damage.

Then a tool called the excimer laser is used to remove the determined amount of corneal tissue. The excimer laser sends shorter laser waves to the target area to remove tissue via evaporation. The excimer can also be used to correct astigmatism by flattening out a cornea into a smoother, more regular shape.

After the corrections are made, the cornea is returned to its position to heal naturally. Because the tools used are so technologically advanced, the healing process is quick and remedied naturally via topical drops.

Although the cost of the tools and the expertise of the surgeons stamp a higher price on Lasik than on a pair of glasses, the cost of Lasik is well merited. Patients can rest assured knowing they are under the care of the best doctors and apparatuses, and that sustained, lifelong, dreamlike vision is just hours away.

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