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Michael Z.

I was tired of putting contacts in every morning and I did not like wearing glasses. It just so happens that my son who is 22 years also wears contacts, I’m 54. I have been thinking about laser correction for about 7 years and me and my son finally decided to take the plunge. We went to the Manhattan office on the worst snow storm day in Feb. this year. I believe the doctor said we were the first father and son done in the same day. NO PAIN but WE GAINED perfect eyesight that is. When we left I saw the world in clarity and could read the street signs down the block. A foot and a half of snow did’ not bother me, so clear and sharp vision. I felt like I had eagle eyes. Needless to say a week later we went on a cruise and saw St. Thomas and St. Martin in all its beauty without contacts or glasses. I have recommended 3 friends and to Diamond Vision and 2 had it done, they thank me every day. Dr Stetson is the man. When I do my daily work, I don’t even think that I wore contacts once.

Testimonials Michael
Testimonials Patient


Don’t know where to start.. I have been waiting to do my lasik surgery for a few year’s. I got eye glasses when i turned 10 year’s, getting it was cool & excited, but as getting older it got me to loose out lot’s of exciting fun while playing or swimming it was pretty hard & when i got indoor from outdoor in any weather guess what!? Foggy glasses it was, it’s so horrible to live with. Contact lenses i was never in the mood of wearing it but i tried it also, so i was always in dream of getting lasik one day. So at the age of 25 i got the opportunity to meet with those professional people at diamond vision after doing lot’s of research on the procedure & pricing or service company’s doing in NY area, & i can say 100% i was satisfied with there doing. Today I’m very excited to have it done.

Jamie T.

My PRK procedure from Diamond Vision literally changed the way I see the world! After wearing contacts for almost my entire life, I never realized how much they affected my daily life until I didn’t need them anymore. No more dust in the contacts that I can’t seem to get rid of, no more irritations and infections from constantly touching my eyes, no more guessing if my prescription should be increased, no more feeling like my eyes are on fire when I accidentally fall asleep with my lenses, no more panic when I realize I’m down to the last contact and have to wait to order more!

There are still days where I wake up and have to do a double take because I am able to perfectly read my clock in the morning. I can honestly say that I see better after my procedure than when I had my contacts – and that’s with zero maintenance! Everything (apart from maybe, chopping onions) has become easier after my surgery and I never hesitate to recommend Diamond Vision PRK to anyone that asks!

Diamond Vision Testimonials

About Diamond Vision

lee thomason

“I am very excited about my PRK procedure and my experience at Diamond Vision that every time I talk about it I start to cry. I cannot thank you enough!!” Lee – Thomaston, CT

pat stewarsville

“Outside of my marriage and the birth of my daughter, this was the single best choice I have made” LPat – Stewartsville, NJ


“Dinner & Movies = $80 Cruise to Bahamas – $5000 Better eyesight = definitely PRICELESS” Kevin – Brooklyn, NY


“The people I spoke with and personally met at Diamond Vision were all terrific” Sandra – Cromwell, CT


“The day of my surgery was the best day of my life! I was finally glasses free! Everyone please read my lips: IT DOES NOT HURT AT ALL!” Virna – Marlborough, CT


“The reason why I chose Diamond Vision was because of their knowledge of the operation. Now my vision is 20/20 and getting better every day. Thanks Diamond Vision!” John – Patterson, NJ


“From the consultation through the surgery and the aftercare visits the experience has been great and unforgettable. It’s been a life changing experience!” Konrad – Union, NJ


“I was amazed that my vision was better the next day. I have recommended Lasik to many friends and co-workers” Marlena – Bronx, NY


Thank you sooooo much Diamond Vision!” Chrissy – Hartford CT

Celebrity Testimonials


  • Tiki Barber – Former NY Giant-TV Personality
  • Lawrence Taylor – Hall of Fame Football Player
  • Gibril Wilson – Cincinnati Bengals
  • Frank Walker – Minnesota Vikings
  • Toby Dawson – Olympic Ski Team
  • J.R. Johnson – NFL Indianapolis Colts
  • Jack Cust – Oakland Athletics
  • Otis Nixon – Atlanta Braves former player single season record for stolen bases

Other celebrities:

  • Mickey Rourke – Golden Globe Award-Winning Actor
  • Carolina Bermudez – WHTZ’s Z100 “Morning Show”
  • Joe Benigno – WFAN
  • Andy Burns – DJ WBAB & WBLI
  • Curtis Sliwa – Radio Personality and Guardian Angel Founder
  • Tito Nieves – Latin Singer
  • Nelly Pakh – Ford supermodel
  • Lord John Eatwell – President of Queens’ College, Cambridge, UK
  • Pauline Liu – Channel 11 WPIX NY
  • Alice Stockton-Rossini – 1010 WINS
  • Waldy Malouf – Author and famous chef
  • Garry Kasparov – Chess champion
  • Joachim Marx – Famous Artist
  • South Side Steve – Actor / Radio&TV Host

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