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Single Mother

When it comes to our health, we often take it for granted until something goes wrong or it begins to impact our daily lives. One of the most widespread and noticeable conditions that impact Americans is poor vision. Not being able to see clearly (up close or far away), dry eyes, headaches and other side effects hinder thousands of people’s lives around the country. Thanks to the amazing advances in medical technology, we no longer have to accept poor vision because refractive surgeries like Lasik produce outstanding results time and time again. Just like everything in the healthcare industry, Lasik comes at a cost, but at Diamond Vision, we believe in making Lasik and other procedures as affordable as possible so as many people as possible can regain the vision freedom and be rid of contacts and glasses for good.

single mom of fourKristina Brockmann is the coordinator at Diamond Vision’s Mastic Eye Center, and here’s the story of how her poor vision and her struggle with contacts and glasses made her life extremely difficult, and being a full-time mom is already difficult enough.

“When I was little, I liked to read. LOVED to read. I would stay up late at night well-past my bedtime (like 8 pm when I was seven) with a flashlight under my covers and my favorite books. Almost every night I would be living a new adventure in my imagination through books. Over time, I started noticing I couldn’t see the chalkboard at school. I got my first pair of glasses when I was 8 years old, and the doctor told me not to read in the dark anymore. Guess who didn’t listen!

My eyes kept getting worse until I needed to wear my glasses all the time. And then I needed braces. With braces and glasses, I really felt like my face was full of metal! When I was 14, I started wearing contacts. That was half my life ago. I’ve used colored contacts, daily disposables, and Night&Day contacts so I didn’t have to take them out every night and put them in every morning. But when you become a parent, as I did when I was 22, you don’t get nearly as much sleep as you need! And I had TWINS! I felt like I never slept. My eyes were so dry and irritated I couldn’t wear my contacts, I had to wear my glasses. And my two babies would keep ripping them off my face! Plus my eyes were so bad that even with specialty lenses I always felt like my peripheral vision was distorted. It gave me such headaches! It was an especially rough few years for my eyes when my kiddos were little!

Nowadays, even though the kids are bigger, I still feel like I sleep with my eyes open! My eyes are chronically dry, even though I use the best lenses I can get and the best drops my doctor, my boss, the wonderful Dr. Theresa Bacaris can prescribe. I’ve been working at her office for over four years so I know all the options. I know LASIK would be the best thing for me but I just couldn’t afford the ticket price. I had to leave my ex-husband just before my youngest son turned two. He was abusive in all definitions of the word, which of course, only adds to the whole “need to sleep with one eye open” feeling… I didn’t have insurance, and if not for my boss, I wouldn’t have had any glasses to be able to see at all. Even when I wasn’t wearing contacts, my eyes were dry and I was exhausted and every morning I would have to hunt down my glasses. It was just one more stressful thing to add to my already stressful day.

Luckily, now I’m a single mom to my kiddos and I still get to work at Dr. Bacaris’ office. Two years ago, we partnered with Diamond Vision to refer our patients who wanted LASIK. Dr. Bacaris performs the pre-op and post-op visits, while Diamond Vision does the procedures. I have seen MANY of our patients now end up incredibly happy with their results to the point of tears at their one-month follow-up visits, so relieved to not need glasses or contacts anymore and actually be able to SEE! In the last two years, I’ve known I’m a perfect candidate for a LASIK procedure, but I haven’t been able to afford it. Being a single parent to my kids and my stepson is not an easy task by any means, especially financially. And even after tax season when I almost maybe could afford it if I scrimped on everything else the rest of the year…I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on myself. It’s always got to be the kids needs first, always. I just couldn’t justify calling it a necessity no matter how badly I feel I need it because my kids need food and clothes and shoes a lot more!

family portrait of single mother with her kidsAmazingly, not long ago I got a call from our Diamond Vision consultant that Dr. Stetson was going to do something incredible and do my LASIK procedure for free! No more contacts drying out my eyes! No more glasses making me feel nauseous and wonky! Christmas came super early for me and my kids will even be super excited for me because they know how my eyes cause me such grief! I am very grateful and feel super lucky that Dr. Stetson would grant such a wish for me!”

When we heard Kristina Brockmann’s story of how difficult her vision was making her life, we decided to give her the incredible gift of clear vision. Success stories and the happiness that comes with clear vision makes what we do worthwhile. At Diamond Vision, we believe that poor vision doesn’t need to be a lifelong punishment, which is why we proudly offer the very latest treatments and procedures for vision correction to provide our patients with the choice of options to best fit their needs. Dr. Stetson and his team of award-winning surgeons and staff help numerous patients daily see clearer and take back their freedom from contacts and glasses. Contact us today at Diamond Vision to schedule your free consultation to discuss your vision correction options and what procedure might be best for you. Now is the best time to regain your vision and start living the life you deserve.

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