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New York City is home to dreams, to dreamers, to history, to highs, to lows and to one of the most diverse conglomerates of aspirations and people in the world. Too often, we take for granted living in or nearby the concrete jungle. We forget the men and women who walked the paths along Central Park before us and all the passion that fueled the art of the city’s architecture through trying and triumphant decades.

Sightseeing in NYC is always a good idea, even if you live in the city. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily details of your present life so it’s important to step away and reconnect with the beauty built all around us.

We cannot find a better time to meander around on a tour than after you get LASIK eye surgery. Your new vision will feel like you are seeing your home in high definition!

When you’re ready to venture out, here are the top spots to hit:

  • The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. You might instinctively roll your eyes at our suggestion to see the Statue of Liberty, but she’s a must. Put yourself in the shoes of our first newcomers and understand what a pillar of hope and freedom NYC stood for then and speaks for today. You can enjoy your visit by ferry, hire a private guide for a more intimate, educational experience, or view the attractions from Battery Park.
  • Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center. The Empire State Building can be seen from the street or from the observation deck. The deck will greet you with a couple hours wait, but if you can spare the time, we highly recommend doing it once. Another option, the top of the Rockefeller Center deck, will offer unmatched views of the city skyline and Central Park. You might consider bringing a tour guide with you who can point out all the history and activity embedded in the skyline.
  • Financial District. The Big Apple is, after all, the world’s Trade Center; the financial capital of our planet. It is positively worth revisiting the history that brought the financial district to where it is today and to learn about the events that have weaved through its strength and stability. Again, it’s a good idea to hire a private tour guide who can provide you the most information as you walk through the old Dutch oasis.
  • Freedom One Tower. Before the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center was a pillar of the country’s economic might. The World Trade Center had two zip codes, an independent postal system and in the late 1980s, it had more office space than all of San Francisco. Today, Freedom One Tower stands to remind the city, the nation and the world our country’s unity and commitment to rebuild. Memorial tours are available and the history entrenched in your tour is unforgettable.
  • Walking Tour. Taking a guided walking tour will allow you to see so much of the city at once! Be sure to hire a guide to take you through the Lower East Side, Times Square and Theatre District and Greenwich Village. Be prepared for a lot of walking, but trust that it’s worth it!

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