Can You Have LASIK Eye Surgery While Pregnant?

Lasik Surgery While Pregnant

Refractive surgeons advise against undergoing LASIK while pregnant.

Hormones in the female body change during and after pregnancy. This can make LASIK results vary and also alter the healing process following the procedure.

The developing baby absorbs nutrients through the mother, and because of this, the medications that accompany LASIK are potentially harmful. Patients are given a mild sedative to relieve anxiety on the day of their surgery and following the surgery are told to take an antibiotic and steroidal eye drops. Although there is no definitive answer as to whether or not these are harmful, the effects are not fully known and the risk is not worth it.

A side effect of pregnancy can be dry eyes. Do not be alarmed, this is common. As a result, wearing contact lenses can become very uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. To help alleviate the discomfort, it is recommended that you update your eyeglass prescription prior to becoming pregnant. This way, you will have a fallback if your contacts should become unwearable.

Another benefit of the pre-pregnancy eye exam is that it will provide a baseline for your refractive surgeon. After your pregnancy, the surgeon will test to see how stable your refractive issue is and be able to provide the perfect amount of correction.

Having LASIK eye surgery while pregnant is not recommended. The possible harm it could bring to the baby combined with the potential for less than ideal results is not worth it. Contact Diamond Vision today to consult a surgeon or schedule your pre-pregnancy eye exam. Their expert staff will guide you through the process and provide you with the best laser eye procedure for you following your pregnancy. One of our best-known clinics is the Atlanta GA Lasik Eye Surgery Center.

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