Lasik Surgery Might be More Affordable Than You Think

Lasik Surgery

So you’re considering Lasik eye surgery? Ah, the potential that lies in seeing clearly! Of course, we know there are hurdles along the path of making that hypothetical a reality. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room that we know deters many of us from making the commitment. Money.

Contemplating Lasik inevitably comes with contemplating Lasik costs. It’s important to arm oneself for the financial commitment, but it’s also important to note that the typical lasik cost isn’t always portrayed accurately in the media.

While it is true that the Lasik cost in Atlanta can be as affordable as $1,000 an eye, this rate is limited to a narrow group of patients with a particularly small prescription range. The presentation of these low cost offers are often misleading.

Let me repeat: one thousand dollars is reasonable, but this price is not the norm. If you fall in the low prescription range of less than one diopter, then yes, this is a smoking deal and we encourage you to follow up on it. For the majority of you outside of this range, costs vary and climb only up.

At Diamond Vision, $2,250 is the standard Lasik list price per eye before any discounts. Our price lends itself to a wide range of vision prescriptions and accounts for the technical approach we take to the procedure.

For the opening of the Atlanta office, Diamond Vision is extending a generous discount of fifty percent. This takes the price nearly down to that uncommon grand per eye. This is an exceptional opportunity, and we encourage anyone who is considering Lasik to take advantage of it! The promotion will not last long, so get in here today!

We are also extending a fifty percent discount on our Intralase procedure. Intralase is a blade-free procedure which allows for quicker healing times. Due to the superior architecture and thinner nature of the laser flap, compared to the blade (LASIK) procedure, laser incision allows the cornea to repair itself rapidly so patients can quickly get back to work and to their regular schedules.

For Intralase on both eyes, $3,250 is our standard list price for just one eye! That’s a regular cost for just one eye with a standard procedure! Again, the promotion is short-term, so hurry up and investigate it for yourself!

When deliberating the pros and cons of Lasik, remember the golden question is not how much does Lasik cost, but how much is Lasik worth? Consider the value of the years ahead without contacts and eyeglasses and the convenience of good vision throughout the days.  To get more information and talk about payment plans, reach out our new Atlanta office! We look forward to serving you and helping you achieve your strongest vision yet.

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