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Lasik Surgery Might be More Affordable Than You Think

So you’re con­sid­er­ing Lasik eye surgery? Ah, the poten­tial that lies in see­ing clear­ly! Of course, we know there are hur­dles along the path of mak­ing that hypo­thet­i­cal a real­i­ty. Let’s talk about the ele­phant in the room that we know deters many of us from mak­ing the com­mit­ment. Mon­ey.

Con­tem­plat­ing Lasik inevitably comes with con­tem­plat­ing Lasik costs. It’s impor­tant to arm one­self for the finan­cial com­mit­ment, but it’s also impor­tant to note that the typ­i­cal lasik cost isn’t always por­trayed accu­rate­ly in the media.

While it is true that the Lasik cost in Atlanta can be as afford­able as $1,000 an eye, this rate is lim­it­ed to a nar­row group of patients with a par­tic­u­lar­ly small pre­scrip­tion range. The pre­sen­ta­tion of these low cost offers are often mis­lead­ing.

Let me repeat: one thou­sand dol­lars is rea­son­able, but this price is not the norm. If you fall in the low pre­scrip­tion range of less than one diopter, then yes, this is a smok­ing deal and we encour­age you to fol­low up on it. For the major­i­ty of you out­side of this range, costs vary and climb only up.

At Dia­mond Vision, $2,250 is the stan­dard Lasik list price per eye before any dis­counts. Our price lends itself to a wide range of vision pre­scrip­tions and accounts for the tech­ni­cal approach we take to the pro­ce­dure.

For the open­ing of the Atlanta office, Dia­mond Vision is extend­ing a gen­er­ous dis­count of fifty per­cent. This takes the price near­ly down to that uncom­mon grand per eye. This is an excep­tion­al oppor­tu­ni­ty, and we encour­age any­one who is con­sid­er­ing Lasik to take advan­tage of it! The pro­mo­tion will not last long, so get in here today!

We are also extend­ing a fifty per­cent dis­count on our Intralase pro­ce­dure. Intralase is a blade-free pro­ce­dure which allows for quick­er heal­ing times. Due to the supe­ri­or archi­tec­ture and thin­ner nature of the laser flap, com­pared to the blade (LASIK) pro­ce­dure, laser inci­sion allows the cornea to repair itself rapid­ly so patients can quick­ly get back to work and to their reg­u­lar sched­ules.

For Intralase on both eyes, $3,250 is our stan­dard list price for just one eye! That’s a reg­u­lar cost for just one eye with a stan­dard pro­ce­dure! Again, the pro­mo­tion is short-term, so hur­ry up and inves­ti­gate it for your­self!

When delib­er­at­ing the pros and cons of Lasik, remem­ber the gold­en ques­tion is not how much does Lasik cost, but how much is Lasik worth? Con­sid­er the val­ue of the years ahead with­out con­tacts and eye­glass­es and the con­ve­nience of good vision through­out the days.  To get more infor­ma­tion and talk about pay­ment plans, reach out our new Atlanta office! We look for­ward to serv­ing you and help­ing you achieve your strongest vision yet.

May 24th, 2016|Comments Off on Lasik Surgery Might be More Affordable Than You Think

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