Laser Eye Surgery Enhancement May Be Right for You

Laser Eye Surgery

Odds are, you probably know someone who has had LASIK eye surgery. But just how safe is LASIK? The common surgery has been improving the eyesight of millions of people for years and is more affordable than ever. With all surgeries, however, there is a slim chance of a less than desirable outcome. If this possibility has been holding you back from taking the step towards a glasses-free lie, there’s no need to worry.

It is possible to have LASIK surgery more than once.

Eye surgery touch-ups do happen and they are sometimes called laser eye surgery enhancement. Some individuals have the second procedure shortly after their first while others undergo it again later in life when changes begin. Either way, it is important to know what to look for.

If you are in the timeframe shortly following the first LASIK procedure, regular check-ups with your ophthalmologist will help to determine the necessity for a correction. Blurred vision and light sensitivity are common for a few weeks after the surgery but if the problem lingers, an enhancement may be the course of action. The other possible patient is someone who notices aging of their eyes later in life. A second surgery is chosen by some many years later to continue their freedom from glasses longer.

Laser surgery enhancement is similar to the first round of LASIK except that it is a quicker procedure. Often lasting just minutes, the painless reshaping comes with the same post-op suggestions and care as the first surgery.

Consult Diamond Vision today to find out if you qualify for a second surgery. Even if you just want to ensure the possibility if your first should prove to be less than expected, their expert staff will guide you through the process and highlight all the benefits further. This safe procedure is the only thing standing between you and a lifestyle without glasses or contact lenses. One of our best-known clinics is the Atlanta Lasik Eye Surgery Center.

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