Keep Your Colored Contacts After LASIK

Colored Lenses after LASIK

So, you’re considering LASIK eye surgery? Whether you want to eliminate the need for prescription glasses again or stop buying contacts altogether, millions have turned to this surgery to fix their vision. If you are having reservations about the surgery out of fear that you’ll be unable to wear your colored contacts after, fear not. Studies have shown no reason to halt wearing your colored contacts.

In nearly all cases, contact lenses after LASIK eye surgery are safe and effective.

Image of colored contact lense.

Some patients recommend rigid gas permeable contact lenses or hybrid ones over the soft varieties because they provide clearer vision. Keep in mind, your prescription and the fit of your contact lenses will likely change following surgery. Most surgeons typically recommend waiting a few months following the surgery before being fitted for lenses. It is important to allow the eye(s) to heal fully. When your surgeon and/or optometrist say that it is safe, those colored contacts can be yours again.

Near-sightedness, far-sightedness and even astigmatism can be fixed with the help of an experienced surgeon, like those at Diamond Vision, and you can continue to wear your colored lenses. Enjoy all the benefits of improved vision without the hassle of glasses or contacts. If you want to continue wearing those eye color altering lenses after LASIK, your optometrist will be there to help.

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Learn more about what to expect after LASIK eye surgery and why Diamond Vision should be your first choice for corrective surgery. One of our best surgery centers is the Atlanta Lasik Surgery Center in Georgia.

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