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IPL Treatment Side Effects

Do you suffer from dry eyes?

For­tu­nate­ly, there are mil­lions of oth­er Amer­i­cans that suf­fer from dry eyes as well, which has led to the devel­op­ment of a vari­ety of solu­tion options. No longer do you have to suf­fer from dry, scratchy eyes with no relief. Thanks to mod­ern med­ical advance­ments and crossover tech­nol­o­gy, dry eyes are now being treat­ed with great suc­cess. We, at Dia­mond Vision, offer IPL (intense pulsed light), one of the most suc­cess­ful treat­ments avail­able today for those that suf­fer from dry eyes caused by Mei­bo­mi­an gland dys­func­tion (MGD).

Your tears are made up of 3 components (water, oil, and mucus) that are produced by different glands around the eyes and eyelids.

Epidermal cyst on right upper eyelid of middle aged man. Horizontal close up shot.

MGD is one of the most com­mon caus­es of dry eyes and is caused when the Mei­bo­mi­an gland isn’t func­tion­ing prop­er­ly (from block­age, inflam­ma­tion or oth­er abnor­mal­i­ty) and unable to pro­duce the oil (lipid) lay­ers of the basal tears. When this occurs, the tears evap­o­rate too quick­ly. When tears are not able to lubri­cate and mois­tur­ize the eyes prop­er­ly, dry eyes occur. Unlike oth­er treat­ment options, IPL address­es the under­ly­ing cause of the con­di­tion by help­ing restore the nat­ur­al func­tion­ing of the Mei­bo­mi­an glands.

The treat­ment involves deliv­er­ing series of light puls­es in a very spec­i­fied, cal­cu­lat­ed man­ner to stim­u­late your Mei­bo­mi­an glands which pro­duce vital lipids/oils. These oils are pro­tec­tive, and it is nec­es­sary for your vision to keep them at opti­mum lev­els. Some­times, the Mei­bo­mi­an glands become blocked, IPL helps clear the block­ages and stim­u­lates prop­er func­tion­ing again. The suc­cess rate of FDA approved IPL pro­ce­dures is sub­stan­tial — it takes just a few hours after the first dry eye treat­ment to start feel­ing com­fort­able changes.

After the IPL treat­ment is com­plet­ed, the Mei­bo­mi­an glands will be expressed man­u­al­ly by the oph­thal­mol­o­gist to help alle­vi­ate and remove the block­age from the glands. The IPL treat­ment helps break up the block­ages but they still need to be removed in order to restore nor­mal func­tion­ing.

Like all new treat­ments, you’re prob­a­bly think­ing, “That sounds great but does IPL for dry eyes have side effects?” There are a few side effects to the treat­ment and pro­ce­dure but they are very minor in nature and only tem­po­rary (if present at all).

Patients may experience the following side effects:

  • Red­ness
  • Dis­com­fort
  • Tingling/warming sen­sa­tions
  • Sen­si­tiv­i­ty to direct UV light
  • Slight inflam­ma­tion from the gland expres­sion rather than light ther­a­py
  • Mild mucus dis­charge
  • Preg­nant women should not under­go this treat­ment

Positive effects include:

  • Reduc­tion of leaky blood ves­sels that ulti­mate­ly reduces sur­face red­ness
  • Tight­en­ing of col­la­gen in and around the eyes, may reduce wrin­kles
  • Poten­tial reduc­tion in dark sunspots
  • Preg­nant women should not under­go this treat­ment

At Dia­mond Vision, we are proud to offer IPL treat­ment for our patients that suf­fer from the dis­com­fort of chron­ic dry eyes. Our award-win­ning staff strives to pro­vide unmatched patient care along with the lat­est vision and eye treat­ments avail­able. Call Dia­mond Vision today, to learn more about how we can help you get back to see­ing clear­ly and free from dis­com­fort. To sched­ule your free con­sul­ta­tion, vis­it https://diamondvision.com/schedule-eye-exam/.


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