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How to Treat a Black Eye

If you are look­ing for the fastest way to get rid of a black eye, you may be scram­bling around search­ing for some­thing to mask the bruise and ease the pain. You are not alone if you want to find a black eye treat­ment that works quick­ly and effec­tive­ly.


What is the Best Bruised Eye Treatment?

Swollen black eyes not only hurt, but they can also cause you to cov­er up the bruis­es quick­ly. If you are look­ing for a bruised eye treat­ment, you may need to face the fact that black eyes are gen­er­al­ly just a minor bruise. Able to heal on their own in three to five days, small bro­ken blood ves­sels in the eye area also cause skin dis­col­oration along with swelling and puffi­ness. 

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A How-To Remedy for Black Eyes: Simple 5‑Step Guide

  • Cool the area 

Icing the area where you have bruis­ing can help reduce pain, inflam­ma­tion, and swelling. Apply a cold com­press soon after the injury, and when­ev­er you feel the need to reduce pain to elim­i­nate swelling, dis­col­oration, and dam­age where swollen black eyes need it most. Apply ice for 15 min­utes at a time every hour for the first 24 hours, then as need­ed 3 ‑5 times dai­ly. 

  • Heat the area

After your swollen black eyes begin the heal­ing process, you can apply a warm com­press to the area three to five times a day to reduce swelling, and sta­bi­lize the dam­age. NOTE: Use gen­tle pres­sure and nev­er push against your eye. 

  • Eat for heal­ing 

Spe­cif­ic foods pro­vide nutri­ents that speed the heal­ing process includ­ing Vit­a­min C (cit­rus, cher­ry, red grapes), enzymes (pineap­ple, papaya), as well as anti-inflam­ma­to­ry teas such as marigold, and turmer­ic root. 

  • Avoid fur­ther dam­age 

One of the most impor­tant parts of bruised eye treat­ment is avoid­ing fur­ther dam­age. Do not apply direct pres­sure to your eye and always keep your head ele­vat­ed. Nev­er put your­self at risk of fur­ther dam­age with stren­u­ous behav­ior, or sports before the bruis­ing heals.

  • Ele­vate your head 

Dur­ing sleep, use prop­er bed­ding to ele­vate your head. Using a firmer, larg­er pil­low, or even two pil­lows can help reduce swelling.

Natural Bruised Eye Treatment Options 

Home reme­dies for swollen black eyes are use­ful in the treat­ment for bruis­ing in the del­i­cate where the skin is thinnest. Use these three best home reme­dies for black eyes. They are still some of the most effec­tive ways to reverse vis­i­ble dam­age of swollen, bruis­ing, and oth­er black eye dam­age. 

  • Arni­ca. This home­o­path­ic rem­e­dy for bruis­ing is also a pow­er­ful anal­gesic able to reduce pain when applied top­i­cal­ly. Inter­nal­ly, you can also use this effec­tive black eye treat­ment to ease aches, and pains from the bruis­ing as a sup­ple­ment. Top­i­cal arni­ca gels, creams, and lotions are a lead­ing rem­e­dy for black eyes. 
  • Witch Hazel. Won­der­ing, what to put on a black eye? Used for cen­turies in skin­care for its astrin­gent qual­i­ties, witch hazel is also com­mon­ly used as a nat­ur­al rem­e­dy for black eyes. Com­mon­ly used for its anti-inflam­ma­to­ry effects, witch hazel also helps to reduce dis­col­oration of bruis­ing and eye swelling. Ide­al for treat­ing dam­age to small cap­il­lar­ies around the eye where black eye treat­ment is need­ed most. 
  • Bil­ber­ry. A potent antiox­i­dant, bil­ber­ry extracts are well-known to sup­port veins and micro­cir­cu­la­tion. Ide­al for the small cap­il­lar­ies of the eye area where the skin is most del­i­cate, bil­ber­ry extracts sup­port the heal­ing process for nat­ur­al black eye treat­ment. 

You can heal bruis­ing faster by tak­ing good care of the area dur­ing the recov­ery process. Use this 5‑step guide to treat­ing swollen black eyes, and remem­ber to rest, eat healthy foods, and use addi­tion­al nat­ur­al reme­dies for black eyes list­ed above to elim­i­nate swollen black eyes fast. Call to the offices of Dia­mond Vision today about main­tain­ing your healthy eyes and good vision.

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