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How to Tell If Your Eye Injury Is Serious

Eye injuries hap­pen sud­den­ly and often with­out imme­di­ate­ly notice­able dam­age. How­ev­er, eye injuries can inten­si­fy quick­ly and lead to per­ma­nent vision loss or blind­ness.

Because of the threat of blind­ness, it is obvi­ous that if you hit your eye, you should sched­ule the soon­est pos­si­ble appoint­ment with your physi­cian or oph­thal­mol­o­gist.

Look out for the following after an eye injury:

  • Trou­ble see­ing
  • Irreg­u­lar pupil dila­tion or shape
  • Blood in the eye
  • Tears and cuts in the eye­lid
  • Slow eye­ball move­ment in one or both eyes Debris that is caught and can­not be removed
  • Pain
  • Bulging eye

While you wait to see your physician, follow these guidelines for responding to the eye injury:

  • Avoid rub­bing, touch­ing or apply­ing pres­sure to the eye
  • If an object is lodged in the eye, do not attempt to remove it your­self. Lift the upper eye­lid and blink, allow­ing the par­ti­cle to come out on its own. If you can­not remove it, get med­ical help.
  • Do not apply med­ica­tion or oint­ment until you know exact­ly what is wrong with the eye
  • Sched­ule to see an oph­thal­mol­o­gist ASAP
  • In the case of a chem­i­cal burn, flush the eye with clean water and head to the emer­gency room.
  • Apply a cold com­press to the eye after a blow or hit. Do not apply any pres­sure, the com­press is to reduce swelling and pain. Regard­less of the inten­si­ty of the blow, seek your physi­cian or ophthalmologist’s opin­ion.
  • For irri­tat­ing debris, you can use eye­wash to attempt to clean the eye. If unsuc­cess­ful, ban­dage the eye and head to the emer­gency room.

Eye injuries can lead to seri­ous reper­cus­sions, includ­ing per­ma­nent vision loss and blind­ness, so it is impor­tant to tend to them as soon as seri­ous­ly as pos­si­ble. 

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