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How to Get Rid of Eye Floaters? Prevention and Treatment

If you’re like most peo­ple, you prob­a­bly take your vision for grant­ed most of the time. How­ev­er, when some­thing is out of the ordi­nary, not only is it easy to tell right away when some­thing is wrong but we tend to assume the worst.

Eye floaters are one of those issues that many of you may expe­ri­ence at some point in your life and are very com­mon. While most of the time there is no need for alarm but some­times eye floaters can be a symp­tom of an under­ly­ing eye con­di­tion.

You should always see your eye doc­tor as soon as pos­si­ble if you are expe­ri­enc­ing eye floaters for the first time but if you know the cause, here is a lit­tle back­ground and a few ideas on how to get rid of eye floaters.

Common Causes

Eye floaters are debris that often looks like lit­tle strings, cob­webs or specks that move through­out your vision. The rea­son that we can see them is that they block out a small amount of light that casts a shad­ow on your reti­na. While most caus­es are age-relat­ed, there are some more seri­ous rea­sons behind eye floaters as well.

  • Age
  • Near­sight­ed­ness
  • Inflam­ma­tion
  • Migraines or headaches
  • Surgery
  • Dia­betes
  • Pos­te­ri­or vit­re­ous detach­ment
  • Reti­nal tears

*If you expe­ri­ence a sud­den onset of eye floaters that may or may not be accom­pa­nied with flash­es of light, you should see your doc­tor ASAP. This is usu­al­ly a sign of a poten­tial tear in the reti­na that may result in blind­ness if not treat­ed imme­di­ate­ly.

5 Tips for Helping Normal Eye Floaters

Vitrectomy/Laser Therapy

If the floaters are a major nui­sance or severe­ly hin­der your vision, the best way to get rid of them is through either vit­rec­to­my or the use of lasers. A vit­rec­to­my is a pro­ce­dure in which your doc­tor will remove the gel-like sub­stance (vit­re­ous) that keeps the shape of your eye round.

Once removed through a small inci­sion, your doc­tor will replace the vit­re­ous with a solu­tion that your body will even­tu­al­ly replace with new vit­re­ous. Laser ther­a­py is used to tar­get the eye floaters in hopes to break them up into small­er pieces to reduce their pres­ence and make them eas­i­er for your body to break down over time.


Often times eye floaters will fade or dis­ap­pear on their own as your body will nat­u­ral­ly remove for­eign debris. If they are spo­radic and not obstruc­tive to your vision, it is per­haps best to let them run their course before seek­ing more inva­sive options.

Exercise, Diet and Hydrate

Lead­ing a healthy lifestyle can help reduce inflam­ma­tion, increase blood cir­cu­la­tion and allow the eyes to recov­er and func­tion prop­er­ly. A bal­anced, healthy diet will help make sure that you are pro­vid­ing your eyes with the prop­er nutri­ents nec­es­sary to repair, rebuild and work as they should.

Antioxidants and Taurine

Antiox­i­dants are essen­tial for help­ing your body fight off free rad­i­cals that can cause eye floaters. Tau­rine is a very impor­tant amino acid that aids in main­tain­ing healthy eyes. Try incor­po­rat­ing foods that are high in both of these like meats, seafood, blue­ber­ries, grapes, dark green veg­eta­bles and teas.

Reduce Eye Strain

Prop­er rest for your eyes is essen­tial for mak­ing sure that they stay healthy and recov­er from the dai­ly stress­es that we put on them. We are con­tin­u­al­ly star­ing at dig­i­tal screens (com­put­ers, phones, tablets, TV’s and even our cars) and this extend­ed strain can lead to extra stress on our eyes. Relax­ing and rest­ing your eyes will allow them to recov­er and remain healthy.

Be sure to con­sult with your eye doc­tor regard­ing advice on your eye floaters.

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