How to Get Quick Relief from Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes

Dealing with dry eyes can be so much more than just an inconvenience. Burning sensations, red discoloration and gritty feelings are just a few of the uncomfortable symptoms that people with dry eye suffer from. There are several reasons why your eyes may be dry but when you need relief fast and need a solution to tide you over until you can see your eye doctor, home remedies can help.

The next time you find your eyes dry, try these home remedies for dry eyes:

Here are several causes that may be responsible for your dry eyes

  • Allergies
  • Aging
  • Various health conditions
  • Side effects of certain medications
  • Gland dysfunction and tear production/composition

Warm Compress– using a warm washcloth to perform warm compresses on your eyes can help a great deal with dry eyes. Your tears are made of water, mucus and oil, each coming from different glands in your eyes. When the glands responsible for producing the oil for the tears become inflamed or clogged, dry eyes can occur. Frequent warm compresses can help break up the clogged oil glands. After compressing, gently press the edge of your eyelids to help squeeze out any blockages.

Washing Eyes and Eyelashes– cleaning your eyelids and surrounding skin and hair can be a great idea (especially those who wear makeup). Removing any agents that could be the cause of irritation or your dry eyes can help a lot.

Blink More– this may sound silly but when we’re at work, the length of time between our blinks is never longer. Staring at computer screens and paperwork all day can be extremely taxing on the eyes as well as the issue of dryness. Consciously remembering to blink more can help combat your eyes from drying out.

Eat Fatty Acids– OmegaYoung woman with a knowing smile with cucumber slices on the face in a spa-3 fatty acids such as the ones found in trout, salmon or tuna can truly help boost the performance of the oil-producing glands, which will ultimately help reduce dryness.


Hydration– make sure that you are making a conscious effort to hydrate our bodies with water. Since our tears are made of a good percentage of water, it is vital to keep our bodies stocked. If we’re dehydrated, our tear production will suffer a bit.

Air Filters and Humidifiers– changing out air filters in your cars and home are often overlooked as a viable solution for dry eyes but it can a lot. Clean air carries fewer pollutants and other irritants that are most likely contributing to dry eyes. Humidifiers are a great option for adding moisture to the air in dry rooms.

Artificial Tears– these OTC drops contain the ingredients necessary to supplement an underperforming tear production. They come in a variety of ingredients and viscosity options.

However, if your dry eyes become a chronic condition or these home remedies do little to nothing in terms of helping you find relief from your dry eyes, there are several solutions that your eye doctor can recommend, prescribe and/or perform.

Some of them include:

Treating the underlying cause is the only way to try and address the problem of your dry eyes.

Working with an experienced staff in a clinic that offers the very latest treatment and procedure options for dry eyes and so much more is exactly what you will find at Diamond Vision. We strive to provide our patients with the very best care and treatments available to help you get back to seeing the world clearly. Stop by one of our 10 clinic locations to learn more about how we can help provide the solution and relief you have been looking for. One of our best centers is the Atlanta Eye care center. Visit our Diamond Vision website  to schedule your free consultation.


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