How Can Implantable Contact Lenses Benefit You?

For hundreds of years glasses and contacts have been the only aids for people who suffer from myopia(nearsightedness). When LASIK and PRK surgery came along they were viewed as the best and often final answer for dealing with myopia. However, not everybody meets the criteria for these procedures. If you are nearsighted and have been told you don’t meet the criteria for LASIK or PRK surgery then you might be a candidate for Implantable Contact Lens (ICL).

What are the benefits?

The immediate benefit is having clear vision and seeing things without having to use glasses or contacts. A vast majority of patients report immediate improvement to their eyesight after the procedure is completed. Also, an ophthalmologist can remove the lens should the need arise.  This is unusual and rare but should there be a medical reason for removal it can be done.

But the real advantages are the ones that have to do with your everyday life. The benefits will make your life easy and less impacted by your eyesight. These include:

  • No longer having to put in and remove contact lens every few days
  • Glasses will become a thing of the past. Some people may need to use reading glasses occasionally after the procedure but for the most part people with ICL report not needing glasses anymore.
  • Without the constant need to own contact lens you you won’t have to worry about ordering, storing, and changing them out.
  • Unlike glasses and some contact lens, ICL are unobtrusive
  • Your morning routine is going to get a lot faster without having to deal with contacts or drops
  • ICL don’t cause dry eyes like some contacts
  • UV protection is built into the lens
  • This is an excellent procedure for people who have thin corneas
  • You will be able to wear the sunglasses you want to wear. You’ll be able to walk into any store and buy sunglasses matching your fashion style. You won’t have to order two pairs of glasses or glasses that transition from light to dark.
  • You’ll be able to participate in activities that normally require you to remove your glasses. The ICL are remarkably tough. Current users report being able to participate in contact sports without any problem.

So what are Implantable Contact Lens?

Implanting a contact lens is a pretty straight forward procedure that has benefited hundreds of thousands of people around the world. ICL are contact lens placed behind the iris and to the front of the natural lens. This is accomplished by making a small incision under the iris and  inserting the lens. There is no damage to the cornea or removal of any tissue. The ICL sits on the eye and there is no need for further attachment to the eye.

The ICL is made of a special collamer material. This flexible material is biocompatible, it works with your body and isn’t obtrusive or require special treatments or medications. The material also helps prevent damage from UV light rays.

The entire procedure takes about 15 minutes and is painless. You are eligible for this procedure if you are:

  • Between the ages of 21 and 45
  • If your lens measure up to -16 diopters
  • Your eyes are stable in your year to year exams (no major changes)
  • You don’t have a history of eye disease, such as glaucoma or iritis, and you haven’t had any previous eye surgeries.

There are some small risks with this procedure, just like any other corrective surgery. Discuss the procedure with your ophthalmologist to get all of the information for an educated decision. ICL bring freedom from contacts and glasses, they allow you to be more spontaneous and all of this is possible within minutes of having the procedure.

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