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FDA Study Confirms Lasik Safety

We all want 20/20 vision with­out the need for con­tact lens­es or glass­es. Accord­ing to a recent FDA study, this is now a real pos­si­bil­i­ty for a grow­ing num­ber of indi­vid­u­als. The study con­firmed what many of us already believed to be true; LASIK surgery is safe, effec­tive, quick, and extreme­ly cost-effi­cient. Accord­ing to FDA, LASIK surgery helped 95% of respon­dents achieve the 20/20 vision they desired. They say you can’t argue with sta­tis­tics and, in this case, I would say they are right.

What is LASIK surgery?

Laser-assist­ed in situ ker­atomileu­sis (LASIK) is more com­mon­ly known as laser eye surgery. In basic terms, a cornea is reshaped with the help of a laser, allow­ing the light that enters the eye to prop­er­ly focus on the reti­na. The surgery removes the need for glass­es or con­tact lens­es. First made avail­able in the ear­ly ’90s, it has con­tin­ued to devel­op and is now used for a range of con­di­tions, such as astig­ma­tism, that were once thought to be untreat­able.

What are the benefits of LASIK surgery?

The main ben­e­fit of this surgery is that it elim­i­nates the need for glass­es or con­tact lens­es. No more search­ing high and low, just to find you left your glass­es on your head. No more ear­ly morn­ing fights with clean­ing solu­tions. On top of this, 27% of indi­vid­u­als in the sur­vey no longer suf­fered from ghost­ing of images, glare, halos, and star burst­ing.

That in itself would be enough to con­vince me, but there is anoth­er ben­e­fit to con­sid­er. Think for a moment about how much you have spent on glass­es or con­tacts over the past year, or over past five years. Now, con­sid­er for a moment that you are like­ly to need them for the rest of your life. The length of the cal­cu­la­tion will, of course, depend on how old and clum­sy you are; sit­ting on your glass­es or flush­ing your con­tacts down the sink can be an expen­sive hob­by. Over the long term, surgery is a much cheap­er option; it is a one-time expense with life-long effects. Surgery, unlike glass­es, doesn’t get scratched or bro­ken, and the cat is high­ly unlike­ly to run off with your eyes (where­as clean­ing pots make such fun toys).

What are the costs of LASIK surgery?

Cost is anoth­er area where I have good news for you. Not only has the over­all cost of surgery fall­en over the last few years but flex dol­lars can be used towards the cost of this treat­ment.

It must be remem­bered, how­ev­er, that LASIK is still con­sid­ered an elec­tive surgery, so the bad news is that there is a cap of $2500 on the use of flex dol­lars. The actu­al cost of the surgery is going to depend­ed on your par­tic­u­lar needs. But, worked out against the cost of con­tin­u­ing with glass­es or con­tacts, surgery will save you mon­ey (not to men­tion time and stress).

Undergoing surgery

If you choose to under­go the surgery, it is essen­tial that you find the right sur­geon to take care of you. The first stage is to find a prac­tice that will pro­vide you with a free, no strings attached con­sul­ta­tion. Dia­mond Vision will pro­vide this essen­tial ser­vice and eval­u­ate whether surgery is the right option for you.

At the first glance after your con­sul­ta­tion, the cost may still seem off-putting, but it is worth remem­ber­ing that there are a num­ber of pay­ment options avail­able and you rarely need to part with the whole cost in lump sum. Check out your options today and don’t for­get to sign up for your free Dia­mond Vision con­sul­ta­tion.

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