Does Eye Exercise Improve Vision?

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We all know that exercise is an important part of physical health and wellness. Getting outdoors, moving your body, and increasing your heart rate all help improve your physical condition and strength. Many other forms of exercise also include mental health and spiritual health.

Participating in the daily exercise of any kind is good for your overall health, but does eye exercise improve vision?

You may have seen infomercials or read articles endorsing eye exercises for those who wear contacts or glasses, claiming to improve your eyesight without the need for surgery. If you’re skeptical of this claim, you should be. Eye exercises alone will not alleviate your dependence on glasses or contacts, and they will never accomplish the successes that corrective eye surgery can offer.

LASIK and other forms of eye surgery are medicine and science-based practices that rely on the fields of biology, ophthalmology, and technology to achieve real-world results. Unlike promoters of eye exercises who cannot back their assertions with empirical evidence, eye surgery can. They tend to make pseudoscientific claims such as wearing lenses weakens the eyes and creates a need for prescription eyewear. Not only is this claim false, but it does not conform to the physiology and anatomy of vision.

Science and medicine have proven to be the only application for improving and correcting vision.

Girl considering the advantages and disadvantages of wearing contactsWith that said, there is some evidence to suggest that eye exercises may help in delaying the need for contacts or glasses in select people. This is more preventative than a corrective method of vision improvement, but eye exercises cannot prevent all eye complications and do not work for everybody. You may want to try eye exercises, but you don’t need to purchase a special ‘eye exercise’ program to accomplish this, you can discover the exercises on your own online. Some exercises are simple and straightforward; if your eyes are weak and tired from straining them to look at a computer screen or outdoors in the sun, then take a visual break from those activities and refocus your eyes on other objects or simply close them and rest.

While eye exercises may help you refocus and regain temporary sight, they cannot reduce or eliminate common eye disorders such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism. Furthermore, eye exercises can do nothing for more serious eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. Only corrective eye surgery can offer vision improvement for all the above.

When you experience a loss of vision, the first thing you should do is consult a professional, not buy into an eye exercise training agenda. Many people go through life tolerating blurry vision; they often do not recognize that they have a vision problem or how severe it is until they are fitted with contacts or glasses. Once people become accustomed to blur-free vision, any deviance from the norm becomes far more noticeable. This is not a result of glasses making the eyes weaker, but rather a matter of perception. People notice small changes where they hadn’t before and act to change their prescription eyewear sooner. Nearsightedness is often characterized by the need for stronger and stronger lenses over time, but this is not a result of the eyeglasses; it is a result of the natural degeneration typical of nearsighted people. Contacts and glasses do not weaken their eyes, age does.

While corrective eye surgery cannot reverse aging, it can improve your overall vision for years to come. Home exercises cannot compete with the medical advances in corrective eye surgery. Vision surgery is a safe and effective method for improving your vision with the greatest possible results, and no one does it better than Diamond Vision. For in-person information, visit our Lasik Eye Surgery Center in Atlanta, GA.

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