Client Success Story – Chef Justin Antiorio

Chef Justin Antiorio

Headline: Testimonial from Chef Justin Antiorio

Chef Justin Antiorio, who grew up in Lyndhurst, NJ, made a national name for himself when he was the runner-up on season 10 of Hell’s Kitchen. In all 10 seasons of the show, no one had ever received a perfect score in the “Blind Taste” test, but Antiorio did. While his taste and vision for food may be crystal clear, his vision had been somewhat of a hindrance in the kitchen. Here’s what he had to say about his experience with LASIK and Dr. Stetson at Diamond Vision.

How long have you been suffering from the condition?

Having worn contacts for close to 20 years, I continually suffered from chronic dry eyes that came about from the heat in the kitchen that I was exposed to all day when he worked. Finally, I got to the point where my eyes were permanently irritated, I knew I had to find a solution.

What made you choose LASIK?

I finally had enough of using eye drops daily and dealing with discomfort in and out of the kitchen. Tired of trying to find something to relieve my dry eyes, I turned to LASIK to fix my need to wear contacts all the time.

How did LASIK improve the quality of your life?

Instantly changed. Having my vision corrected by LASIK eliminated the need for me to wear contacts. The heat in the kitchen was no issue anymore and my dry eyes disappeared, thus letting me fully enjoy cooking again. Outside of the kitchen, I was able to enjoy the things I loved without being hindered by constant dry eyes. “Dr. Stetson fixed in 10 minutes something that was bothering me my whole life,” said Chef Justin.

How would you describe your experience with Diamond Vision and Dr. Stetson?

Diamond Vision and Dr. Stetson provided an excellent experience that was educational throughout the whole process. Explaining every step of the way, Dr. Stetson made me feel comfortable and confident about the procedure. Diamond Vision and Dr. Stetson gave me the joy of cooking back by eliminating my dry eyes. “Thank you Diamond Vision for an amazing job. Dr. Stetson changed my life.”

Chef Justin is just one of many individuals that have decided to take back their vision and freedom with the help of Diamond Vision. Visit to find a location nearest you.

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