Can You Get LASIK Surgery While Pregnant?


For women interested in having LASIK surgery, but are currently pregnant or expecting to become pregnant soon, the most common question is whether they can get LASIK while pregnant.

While the surgery itself in no way affects the fetus or the health status of the pregnancy, there are a variety of reasons why it is best to wait until after pregnancy to undergo LASIK surgery.  

The body undergoes tremendous changes during pregnancy, and these changes affect the eyes in important ways.

This article explores the pros and cons of getting LASIK surgery during this important time in your life. Read on to find out what we suggest and what LASIK and pregnancy are all about.

Pregnancy and Lasik- Is it safe?

The hormones that are released during pregnancy to ensure the health and development of the fetus have significant side effects on the eyes. One frequent hormonal symptom is a reduction in tear production, leading to dry eyes and irritation. This is especially true for women who wear contact lenses.

Meanwhile, the hormones that cause water retention in the joints may also cause fluid buildup in the eyes, literally changing the curvature of the cornea and causing blurred vision. While blurred vision is common in pregnancy, it may be a symptom of a more serious problem such as gestational diabetes or high blood pressure.

The curvature of the eye is the critical factor in vision, whether it is excellent or poor. When the curvature of the cornea is correct, light hits the retina perfectly. If the light focuses on a spot before the retina, this causes nearsightedness.

Light hitting a spot on the eye after the retina is the cause of farsightedness. The curvature of the cornea and the attendant eye problem is the main factor in eyeglass prescription and prescription of contact lenses.

What effect does LASIK have on the eye?

LASIK surgery changes the shape of the cornea, which changes the prescription. In the case of nearsightedness, the laser will flatten the cornea. Farsighted women will have a steeper curve carved into their corneas by the laser.

Due to the permanence of such a procedure, it is critical that the eyes be in a stable condition prior to surgery, something that is simply not the case during pregnancy. It is for this reason that adolescents are not candidates for LASIK, their eyes, like those of pregnant women, are simply not finished changing.

If, after pregnancy, the eyes return to their pre-pregnancy shape, the LASIK results would most likely be imperfect.

lasik effect on eyes

Although LASIK is safe, women might want to opt out of powerful painkillers prescribed

As already stated, the laser surgery does not affect the baby’s health in any way. However, LASIK patients are prescribed a multitude of eye drops and medications to assist in their recovery, and not all of these have been approved for use by pregnant women.

Additionally, prescriptions for powerful narcotics and benzodiazepines are frequently employed for patient use after surgery, and none of these are safe for use by pregnant women.

It is recommended that pregnant women wait for at least one menstrual cycle after giving birth prior to seeking LASIK surgery. This ensures that hormonal changes to the eyes are reduced, making for more stable assessments and improved LASIK results.  

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