Can Lasik Surgery Change My Eye Color?


 Whatever your eye color may be, brown, blue, green or anything in-between, it is understandable if you are concerned how the surgery will affect the coloring.

One of the common questions shared with eye surgeons is “does Lasik change eye color?”.

Lasik eye surgery is performed by using lasers to reshape the cornea. As with other refractive surgeries, it can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and even astigmatism. Due to the coloration of the eye residing in the iris, Lasik surgery does not cause changes. It is possible for the iris color to change but this is most likely the result of other ocular health issues. There are two possibilities for iris color to change. Depigmentation is when the pigmentation becomes lighter and hyperpigmentation, as a result of certain medications, can darken the iris. You should consult an experienced eye doctor, such as those at Diamond Vision, if you are concerned about your eye pigmentation following surgery.

In summation, Lasik surgery will not change your blue eyes to brown after you receive the surgery. While the cornea is reshaped and the focusing of the light entering the eye is improved, the iris remains unaffected.

Whether you are looking to have more questions regarding Lasik answered, or to begin your path towards the improved vision, contact Diamond Vision. Their expert staff will perform a top-notch procedure and provide you with unmatched post-surgery care. If you are tired of squinting to focus on far-away objects, carrying around your glasses to read menus, or just want improved overall vision, Lasik surgery should be considered. Diamond Vision is the best name when it comes to improving eyesight. One of our centers is the Atlanta Eye Health Clinic.

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