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LeBron James Lasik

LASIK eye surgery is a routine procedure where lasers are used fix nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism in a patient to provide the sharpest vision possible. By reshaping the cornea, the light then passes through, properly focused, to the retina. Individuals seeking improvements in vision and to be rid of contacts and/or glasses use this very popular procedure. Athletes are one group that are using this procedure in growing numbers. Glasses and contacts are inconvenient for many, and especially bothersome to professional athletes. For athletes, having to deal with glasses in a contact sport is out of the question and the sweat and dirt of other sports makes contacts extremely difficult. Of the professional athletes who have had LASIK surgery, professional male and female golfers make up a large percentage but other famous athletes have as well.


NBA players are no exception. Those that have had LASIK surgery performed did it for various reasons from a slight improvement to read numbers and the play clock to getting rid of contacts.

  • Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat was skeptical at first but after family members underwent the procedure he also did in 2011. The procedure went very well and he is now an advocate for the procedure.

  • LeBron James also had LASIK surgery, in 2007, to help further elevate his game, and his game since needs no explanation.

  • Other notable NBA players are Rudy Gay and Anthony Bennett.


Professional golfers also use this procedure to sharpen vision and keep performing at their peak levels.

  • The unquestionably most famous golfer to have had the procedure is Tiger Woods. He, along with many other professional golfers, chose the surgery to get rid of contacts which are difficult to wear during tough outdoor playing conditions.

  • Other notables are Woody Austin, Fred Funk, Zach Johnson, Bernhard Langer, Vijay Singh and Mike Weir.


In a sport such as football, NFL players cannot play to their ideal standards with vision issues or having to deal with glasses/contacts.

  • Notable NFL players who have had the surgery are Tiki Barber and Adrian Klemm.


LASIK eye surgery is gaining in popularity, especially among athletes. Constantly pushing themselves to perform at the highest level, athletes cannot be hindered by foggy or obstructive vision issues that would diminish their play. Laser eye surgery is a quick, affordable treatment that leaves a patient without the need to have to wear glasses or handle contact lenses. The benefits for athletes is exponential and their testimonials prove it. You can contact our highly-skilled specialists at the Atlanta Lasik Eye Surgery Center .


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