Are Dry Eyes Ruining Your Day?

Are your eyes dry all the time? Do you experience eye fatigue, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, red eyes, burning or gritty sensation, or overall discomfort? You may be suffering from Evaporative Dry Eye condition. The cause of dry eyes is an inadequate production of tears. This may be due to a number of internal issues, like the use of certain medications for other conditions, previous laser eye surgery, aging, or tear gland damage from inflammation or radiation. Outside factors that can cause tears to evaporate leaving the eye dry are wind, smoke, extended use of computer or digital screens, eyelid problems or some imbalance of the composition of the tears themselves. Well Diamond Vision has the best treatment for dry eyes.

Besides the generic eye drops and temporary or permanent tear duct plugging to conserve the tears for the surface of the eye, Diamond Vision offers an alternative treatment with Lipiflow. Lipiflow is a “thermal pulsation system” that works by applying mild heat and pressure to the inner eyelid to open up the gland that is responsible for producing tears. Virtually painless and very quick, Lipiflow is often done the same day as evaluation. Don’t wait any longer and talk to the professionals at Diamond Vision today.

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