8 Common LASIK Myths Exposed

Lasik Myths

LASIK eye surgery is one of the most common ways for patients of imperfect vision to improve their lives by harnessing, more accurate sight.

Patients look forward to the procedure and results, rest assured that they are in the hands of highly experienced and skilled surgeons.

Of course, a quick online search can generate a slew of off-putting headlines that boast myths against laser eye procedures.

Some patients’ cautionary reviews should be considered, such as making sure to wear sunglasses in the days, weeks or even months following the procedure. Other accounts persuading you away from LASIK can be ignored, as they come from poor research diluted conversation.

Let’s take a look at the most popular myths surrounding LASIK so you can decide for yourself which advice to follow and continue to pursue the vision correcting procedure.

Myth 1: Age matters

Truth: As long as your eyes are healthy and meet the parameters for laser eye surgery candidacy, you’re good to go.

Surgeons might advise against the procedure if patient eyes are not fully developed or if developed eyes show signs of macular degeneration, cataracts or glaucoma.

If you are interested in getting LASIK, pay a visit to your nearest Diamond Vision for a professional assessment of your health and potential candidacy for laser eye correction.

Myth 2: Results are short-term

Truth: The length of results last varies from patient to patient, but results commonly last a long time. As the eyes age over time, some natural changes can change the effectiveness of the corrected vision. However, these induced changes are natural, not a product of the surgery wearing off.

Myth 3: LASIK could cause blindness

Truth: You will not go blind when undergoing laser eye surgery. The procedure is focused on reshaping the surface layer of the eye’s cornea, and any complications that could occur are mild, rare and likely to be easily corrected.

Myth 4: LASIK is unaffordable

Truth: The price point of LASIK holds many patients back from looking into the procedure and its actual cost. Laser eye surgery does come with a price tag that can appear out of reach to some.

However, consider the annual cost you pay for contacts, glasses and eye exams and weigh it against the one-time laser eye procedure price. You will likely find that LASIK pays for itself after a few years. Additionally, payment plans are available to help accommodate financial solutions for most patients.

Myth 5: The procedure will be painful

Truth: Actually, you will not feel the procedure at all as the surgeon administers eye-numbing drops before surgery. During the creation of the corneal flap, some patients experience a brief pressure. Besides this moment, the quick procedure is sensation-less.

Myth 6: I can only get LASIK if I am nearsighted

Truth: LASIK is one of the most common ways to treat myopia (nearsightedness), but it can be used to correct a number of vision instabilities and deficiencies. Come in for a consultation at Diamond Vision to find out if the procedure is right for your vision needs.

Myth 7: We do not know much about LASIK

Truth: We know almost everything about LASIK. Surgeons have been successfully operating the procedure on patients for over 25 years. As the most popular refractive surgery performed today, LASIK results are robustly backed by short-term and long-term studies.

Myth 8: Once I get LASIK, I will never need glasses again

Truth: Laser eye surgery is an effective way to reduce or eliminate altogether the need for glasses. However, LASIK should not be undergone with the sole intention of bidding goodbye to glasses forever, as some patients will still require occasional use of corrective eyewear.

Reach out to Diamond Vision with any of your questions or concerns about laser eye procedure myths or schedule an appointment to find out if LASIK surgery is right for you, today. One of our clinics is the Atlanta Lasik Surgery Center.

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