6 Jobs That Require Perfect Vision

Perfect Vision

Perfect vision refers to the combined capacity of the ability to see and the ability to aim, track and focus. While one might have perfect eyesight, he or she might fall short of perfect vision. Vision extends beyond sight; it includes the process of some mental, emotion and neurological processes.

While most jobs are enhanced when professionals or employees have good to perfect eyesight, some jobs require perfect vision in order to participate.

Here are just a few jobs that require perfect vision:

Air Force Pilot

Army pilots are subject to the strictest vision requirements due to the intensity and demand of assumed conditions.

Air Traffic Controller

The aviation industry is an easy sector to understand the need for perfect vision. While some brands might let employees operate with corrective eyewear, air traffic controllers are subject to stricter vision parameters. Near vision is inexcusable for controllers, as the slightest error from a distance can cause planes to crash.

Airline Pilot

Airline pilots are carrying our most precious cargo – one another – and consequently, must possess perfect vision.


Firefighters need perfect vision in order to accurately assess distance and make all necessary rescues in a fire.


Lifeguards must be able to scan an area and see perfectly from far distances in order to ensure the safety of swimmers. While contacts might be allowed by some employers, glasses are not an option in the event of a rescue.  

Police Officer

Police officers must be able to assess a scene and quickly in instances of crime. To get a police officer job, you should also be ready to handle high-stress situations with composure and make split-second decisions to ensure public safety and maintain order.


Exposed frequently to emergencies, paramedics need perfect vision to search for, find and save injured individuals.

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