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thumb_b24dff09c1a495ec34de661c98f4b168My PRK procedure from Diamond Vision literally changed the way I see the world! After wearing contacts for almost my entire life, I never realized how much they affected my daily life until I didn’t need them anymore. No more dust in the contacts that I can’t seem to get rid of, no more irritations and infections from constantly touching my eyes, no more guessing if my prescription should be increased, no more feeling like my eyes are on fire when I accidentally fall asleep with my lenses, no more panic when I realize I’m down to the last contact and have to wait to order more!

There are still days where I wake up and have to do a double take because I am able to perfectly read my clock in the morning. I can honestly say that I see better after my procedure than when I had my contacts – and that’s with zero maintenance! Everything (apart from maybe, chopping onions) has become easier after my surgery and I never hesitate to recommend Diamond Vision PRK to anyone that asks!

Jamie T.

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  • Eye Care Tips for Dealing with Allergies and Contact LensesSeasonal allergies affect around 40 million Americans and about 30 million people wear contact lenses. If you fall into both categories, you know the itchy, watery misery of seasonal allergies is made worse by the plastic on your corneas. Dr. Steven Stetson, medical director of Diamond Vision, a laser-vision and eye care center in Manhattan, has eye care tips for those of you who suffer seasonal allergies and wear contacts.
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  • Contact LensesWe ophthalmologists, and especially refractive surgeons, don’t have to go too many days in our clinics without seeing the damage that long term contact lens use can do to the eye. Far too frequently, patients will present with issues related to contact lens use, misuse, and overuse. These problems include but are certainly not limited to contact lens related corneal ulcers (keratitis) which can cause permanent corneal scarring and visual loss, and in some very unfortunate few, even loss of the eye.
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