Your Vision After Lasik

After Lasik

Laser vision correction is generally painless  for the majority of patients, while some may have minor  discomfort .  After LASIK surgery, improvement of vision starts quickly as most patients will  experience major improvement within forty-eight (48) hours.

The majority of my LASIK surgery patients  are able to enjoy 20/40 or better vision overnight.  Immediately after the procedure, it is common to feel  some minor discomfort  such as the sensation  having an eyelash in the eye is normal and to be expected the day of the procedure.

Your first follow-up visit is scheduled for the following day after the procedure. Eye drops are used for 6 to 10 days, and protective eye-shields are recommended for 2 nights. Visual recovery is slower after PRK, and functional vision is achieved after 3 to 5 days, after which point the recovery continues on a daily basis over the following weeks.

Is Laser Vision Correction permanent?

Laser vision correction results in a permanent change to the shape of the cornea. However, laser vision correction will not prevent age related conditions such as presbyopia (the need for reading glasses), cataracts, or glaucoma. These conditions would still be treated in their normal manner.

Yes, You Can  have both eyes treated the same day

You can have lasik  treatment  done on both eyes on the same day. This has proven to be just as safe and effective as having the surgery done one eye at a time. Same day treatments on both eyes also adds convenience, a  quicker total  visual recovery, and takes  less time away from your  work. Contac our Atlanta LASIK center form more information.

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