• Vision after LASIK eye surgery

Your Vision After Lasik

Laser vision cor­rec­tion is gen­er­al­ly pain­less  for the major­i­ty of patients, while some may have minor  dis­com­fort .  After LASIK surgery, improve­ment of vision starts quick­ly as most patients will  expe­ri­ence major improve­ment with­in forty-eight (48) hours.

The major­i­ty of my LASIK surgery patients  are able to enjoy 20/40 or bet­ter vision overnight.  Imme­di­ate­ly after the pro­ce­dure, it is com­mon to feel  some minor dis­com­fort  such as the sen­sa­tion  hav­ing an eye­lash in the eye is nor­mal and to be expect­ed the day of the pro­ce­dure.

Your first fol­low-up vis­it is sched­uled for the fol­low­ing day after the pro­ce­dure. Eye drops are used for 6 to 10 days, and pro­tec­tive eye-shields are rec­om­mend­ed for 2 nights. Visu­al recov­ery is slow­er after PRK, and func­tion­al vision is achieved after 3 to 5 days, after which point the recov­ery con­tin­ues on a dai­ly basis over the fol­low­ing weeks.

Is Laser Vision Cor­rec­tion per­ma­nent?

Laser vision cor­rec­tion results in a per­ma­nent change to the shape of the cornea. How­ev­er, laser vision cor­rec­tion will not pre­vent age relat­ed con­di­tions such as pres­by­opia (the need for read­ing glass­es), cataracts, or glau­co­ma. These con­di­tions would still be treat­ed in their nor­mal man­ner.

Yes, You Can  have both eyes treat­ed the same day

You can have lasik  treat­ment  done on both eyes on the same day. This has proven to be just as safe and effec­tive as hav­ing the surgery done one eye at a time. Same day treat­ments on both eyes also adds con­ve­nience, a  quick­er total  visu­al recov­ery, and takes  less time away from your  work.

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