What is Lasik and is it Right For You?

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These days wearing glasses or contact lenses are something that nearly everyone in the world has to deal with. The annoying day to day task of having to take your contact lenses on and off every day or having to throw on your reading glasses when you have to take a quick peek at your phone can get very frustrating. There is an alternative to having to wear glasses and contact though…and I am sure you heard of it: Lasik. Many are skeptical with it being your eyes and directly affecting your vision but these days Lasik has been perfected and carries very little risk.

What is LASIK?

First things first, what exactly IS LASIK? LASIK is a refractive eye surgery. During the procedure, an expert eye surgeon creates a tiny flap in the cornea and then will use a laser to reshape the cornea and correct the focusing problems in the eye.

Is LASIK right for you?

LASIK surgery is best for people whose vision issues are in the moderate side of, nearsightedness or myopia in which you see nearby objects clearly but objects that are distant tend to be a bit blurry. Farsightedness or hyperopia in which you can see objects in the distant but things that are nearby will appear blurry. And lastly another good candidate for LASIK is people with astigmatism. An issue that causes all around blurry vision. These are not the only issues that make you a good candidate for LASIK so be sure you consult with an eye surgeon before ruling out LASIK for you.

What are the risks?

I am sure you are now thinking what are the risks of what seems to be like a miracle surgery. Like with any surgery with reward do come a few risks. One risk you can face is under correction or over-correction or astigmatism. If the laser removes too much or too little from your eye you will not get the clear vision you were hoping for. As well in very rare cases tissue removal can lead to astigmatism. LASIK surgery causes temporary decrease in tear production. As your eyes heal they may feel unusually dry by your tear production will increase as your eyes heal. Lastly you could run the risk of flap problems. Folding back or taking the flap from the front of your eye during surgery can cause complications including infection, excess tears and swelling.

How long does LASIK last?

People always have the question how long will LASIK last? With everyone knowing that as you age your vision grows worse they worry that getting LASIK in their younger years will still mean eye issues as they age. This is an incorrect statement. LASIK is considered to be a permanent way to reshape your cornea and correct your vision. The entire procedure as well takes roughly thirty minutes to complete.


Why do people choose LASIK?

For starters the convenience of not having to fuss with contact lenses or glasses. Yes you may be used to doing this every day for the past 10 years but think about how much simpler life would be if you just woke up and could see clearly? Imagine not having to worry about taking your daily run and worrying about your glasses jumbling all over the place as you trot along. Or being able to finally buy those gorgeous Chanel sunglasses you have always wanted since you no longer will need prescription sunglasses! It is simple conveniences like that which prove LASIK to be a must have surgery.


In conclusion if you are still hesitant to get LASIK or want to know more please feel free to reach out to us here at Diamond Vision. We have an exceptional team of doctors and staff always waiting to help and answer all your questions. We know LASIK is a huge step and we want you to be totally comfortable with us prior to taking the plunge. To learn more today please visit us at DiamondVision.com or call us for a free consultation at 888-678-4341. You can visit one of our eye surgery centers in Georgia, Ney York and Connecticut.

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