What is iLasik?


This procedure is the first 100% vision correction method which is customized to an individual’s eye characteristics. It is performed with a FDA approved wavefront guided blade free laser for ultimate precision. The iLasik method provides you with safest and best results in the world of Lasik surgery. Most patients regain a 20/20 vision or better and this surgery works on almost every eye vision correction condition. Patients that were unsuitable for Lasik previously may now be able to improve their vision to the point of not needing glasses or contacts. It is capable of correcting the most expansive range of vision imperfections out there.

How is the iLasik performed?

The procedure is done with the most advanced technology in the world by using computer guided Lasik lasers. It begins with the painless measurement of your eye. WaveScan technology is able to create a 3D map of your eye to check for even the smallest imperfection. The results are 25 times more detailed than a traditional measurement. This enables the surgeon to custom fit the treatment to your specific needs.

The next step involves the first of two lasers, IntraLase to create a flap in your eye at the surface (cornea) so that it can be folded back to allow the procedure. An infrared laser light precisely creates the flap. This blade free method administers exceptional results with almost all patients regaining total vision without having to use aids such as glasses or contacts. Patients who have received this surgery state it has removed the high and low aberrations you would associate with glare or night halos.

The last step is the Advanced CustomVue laser which uses your specific vision profile to correct your vision. The laser pulses as it reshapes the middle surface of the cornea. This laser is the best in the world using technology that is precise and reacts automatically to the smallest movements during the surgery for safe and accurate results.

Your stay at the doctor’s office will normally range from one to two hours; the actual procedure is only about five to fifteen minutes. It has been called the “painless” surgery as your eye is anesthetized with eye drops before and during the surgery. Once completed, there is little to no discomfort felt. Some patients have reported they experience slight light sensitivity or watering of the eye; however these symptoms disappear after one to three days. If you suffer from any discomfort, your doctor will have eye drops available to see your through those first few days.

How is iLasik different from Lasik?

Lasik surgery uses a blade to create the flap in the cornea. The blade is inside a hand- held microkeratome which cuts across the eye surface. This procedure has the risk of creating severe sight-threatening complications. The iLasik uses the beam of light without going across the eye surface. The precision with which this light beam acts is the main source of the procedure’s safety. The thickness of the flap will determine the outcome of the surgery and it features a consistent thickness from one edge of the eye to the other. Lasik surgery cannot guarantee this type of accuracy.

Studies have proven patients see better after an iLasik procedure than those who have had Lasik surgery.  Many patients complain they suffer dry eye symptoms after a Lasik surgery and those who have had iLasik have no symptoms or much less severe ones. With the precision allowed in this method, many doctors recommend this for nervous patients as it is a much more controlled procedure for any unexpected movements during the surgery.

What you can expect after surgery?

You will be able to return to work as soon as the day after the surgery, some patients have reported returning the same day. The iLasik eye surgery procedure reports an overall success rate of 90 to 95%. This means patients define their eye sight being within a comfortable range in both eyes and they are seeing normal without glasses. There are no 100% guarantees with anything; however iLasik has reduced the number of re-treatments by 50% over those who have Lasik performed.

The surgery is permanent. Some patients have done “touch-ups” with those suffering from near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism. Eyes will continue to age normally after the surgery. The Diamond Vision LASIK Center of Atlanta, GA serves the LASIK needs of our national and international patients.

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