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What Can Cause Eye Irritation?

Com­mon and irri­tat­ing health prob­lems can be dif­fi­cult to deal with and annoy­ing to fix. A sore throat, run­ny nose, plugged up ears, and eye irri­ta­tions can all put a damper on your dai­ly life. While almost always these com­mon but per­sis­tent ail­ments are not severe, they do, how­ev­er, make us take your nor­mal health for grant­ed.

It always seems to be that when we’re healthy with­out issues, we don’t think any­thing of it, but as soon as a cold or aller­gies come along, we real­ize just how much some­thing so small can set us back. When it comes to your vision and eye health, it doesn’t take much to throw every­thing out-of-whack. We’ll take a look at some of the most com­mon caus­es of eye irri­ta­tions and infec­tions, and what to do for eye irri­ta­tion, so that you can get back to hav­ing healthy eyes.

Common Causes of Eye Irritation

Aller­gies are one of the most com­mon caus­es of eye irri­ta­tion because the list is near­ly end­less as to what can cause a reac­tion. The most per­sis­tent and com­mon aller­gens include:

  • Sea­son­al - these types of aller­gies often occur in the spring and fall, when new plant growth is com­ing to life for the sum­mer or com­ing to an end before win­ter comes. Grass, pollen, and cer­tain plants are all major cul­prits when it comes to wreak­ing hav­oc on people’s aller­gies.
  • Dust - this tends to be a year-round aller­gy because dust is always present, both inside and out­side. The tiny par­ti­cles infil­trate eyes and noses to cause reac­tions and irri­ta­tion with peo­ple who are sen­si­tive to dust.
  • Pets - pet hair and dan­der can be extreme­ly irri­tat­ing for those who are aller­gic. The good news is that there are hypoal­ler­genic breeds of pets, or shots avail­able for own­ers to con­trol the aller­gy.
  • Mold - also a com­mon aller­gy that can be present year round and real­ly cause trou­ble, because it is hard to deter­mine if mold is the true aller­gen caus­ing the symp­toms.

These aller­gens can often cause itchy, scratchy and red eyes, exces­sive water­ing, burn­ing, and even swelling and puffi­ness. These are all indi­ca­tions of aller­gic con­junc­tivi­tis, which is inflam­ma­tion of the out­er mem­brane of your eyes. Over the counter anti­his­t­a­mine eye drops are a great place to start if you first notice irri­ta­tion from these types of aller­gens.

Some­times the eyes can react to nasal aller­gy symp­toms, as well, and then it might be nec­es­sary to take aller­gy pills that coun­ter­act nasal and eye symp­toms.

Smoke (cig­a­rettes, cig­ars or fires), chlo­ri­nat­ed pools, and the air around indoor pools, salt water, paint fumes, and oth­er irri­tants can cause the eyes to react by being itchy, red, puffy, and even burn­ing sen­sa­tions.

For­eign objects can do real dam­age, and cause severe irri­ta­tion due to the sen­si­tiv­i­ty of the tis­sues in your eyes. Sand, dirt, saw­dust, con­tact lens­es, make­up, and even a stray eye­lash can cause painful irri­ta­tion and even damage/scratch the cornea.

Eye Irritation

Things To Avoid Doing

Avoid rub­bing or scratch­ing your eyes if you feel some­thing in your eye. Try flush­ing your eye with water or con­tact solu­tion to wash away the for­eign object. If that does not help, try to see your eye doc­tor as soon as pos­si­ble. Because your eyes are so sen­si­tive, it tru­ly does not take much to cause irri­tat­ing, uncom­fort­able or even dam­ag­ing symp­toms. As always, it is best to see your eye doc­tor for imme­di­ate and severe sit­u­a­tions.

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