The Unique Traits of Eye Color

Traits of Eye Color

An old English proverb states that “The eyes are the window of the soul,” which seems to hold some truth because a person’s eyes can reveal a lot, both personality, and health. While not much scientific proof has been found that the color of someone’s eyes can shed light on certain personality traits, but health indicators have some significant evidence backing them. While a psychological personality test may have more merit than the color of someone’s eyes when it comes to predicting their behavior, some believe there are some links between color and personality, which is rather interesting. Below are some of the things that eye color is believed to predict and indicate.

Macular Degeneration

A study found that people with dark or intermediate colored eyes are half as likely to develop age-related macular degeneration. The reason the study found was that dark colored iris’s block out UV light that is a damaging factor for macular degeneration. The extra light that enters people’s light-colored eyes may lead to more degeneration of their retinas.

Melanoma Risk

People with darker colored eyes may be at a lower risk for developing melanoma, states a study that gathered data from 500 children. The study took DNA samples and sun exposure date from the children, who aged between 6-10 years old, for four years. They found that children with the blue-eye gene were more likely to develop moles from sun exposure and the number of moles developed in childhood can predict adulthood melanoma risk.


A personality study conducted by Australian researchers asked 336 individuals to identify how closely they related themselves to various statements. It was found that participants with darker eyes were more likely to be associated with terms like “generosity, friendliness, and empathy” and participants with lighter eyes were identified as less agreeable and more competitive.


Researchers asked volunteers to rate photographs of people based upon how trustworthy they appeared. This basic study found that people rated brown-eyed people more trustworthy than blue-eyed. However, this trait was found to be more of a correlation in addition to facial features, because when the researchers digitally changed the eye color, the same results were found.


A study conducted by the University of Colorado School of Medicine found that people with the autoimmune disease vitiligo were significantly less likely to have light colored eyes. Vitiligo causes a person’s immune system to attack the pigment cells in the skin, which results in blotchy skin.

Alcohol Consumption

A Georgia State University survey asked 12,000 men and women about their alcohol consumption and found that people with light eyes drank significantly more alcohol. The association that the researchers concluded was that the amount of melanin could be the factor. People with darker eyes have more melanin, which correlates to the amount in the brain and melanin is involved with the electrical connections between brain cells. So it could mean that people with dark eyes are more sensitive to stimuli, like alcohol, because of the increased amount of melanin, which may make them tipsy off of less to drink.

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