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Top Facts You Need To Know About Laser Eye Surgery

Before you go under the knife, so to speak, for either type of laser eye surgery, it’s best to know some facts as to what will be tak­ing place and what to expect. How­ev­er, per­son­al research can nev­er replace talk­ing to your doc­tor about the surg­eries and which will be best for you. The two most used laser refrac­tive surgery meth­ods are LASIK and PRK. Besides being bet­ter suit­ed for dif­fer­ent vision errors and eye con­di­tions, the meth­ods them­selves are slight­ly dif­fer­ent. In sim­ple terms, LASIK cre­ates a flap in the out­er lay­ers of the cornea to be able to reshape the low­er lay­ers of the cornea. PRK still reshapes the cornea to cor­rect the vision but there is no flap cre­at­ed, instead the out­er lay­ers of the cornea are removed to allow the laser reshape the low­er lay­ers of the cornea.

Here are a few facts regard­ing the laser eye surg­eries to get you bet­ter acquaint­ed with the his­to­ry and pro­ce­dures.

  • 1978 Excimer Laser was invent­ed
  • 1987 first laser eye surgery was per­formed
  • The laser uses Ultra-Vio­let light
  • The laser uses puls­es of light, which one pulse removes .00025 of a human hair of tis­sue at a time
  • Lasts rough­ly 10 min­utes for each eye
  • The recov­ery time for LASIK is slight­ly quick­er than for PRK
  • Over 32 mil­lion pro­ce­dures per­formed world­wide; today laser eye surgery is con­sid­ered one of the safest pro­ce­dures.

So while the Inter­net can answer ques­tions like what is LASIK eye surgery and what is PRK eye surgery, but only talk­ing to your eye doc­tor can answer ques­tions that are spe­cif­ic to you eyes, pre­scrip­tion and any con­di­tions you may have. They will be able to sug­gest which surgery would be best for you. For a free con­sul­ta­tion or to find a loca­tion near you, vis­it www.diamondvision.com. Also, find out more infor­ma­tion about PRK eye surgery cost.

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