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Follow These Tips to Protect Your Eyes

Pro­tect­ing your eyes is a very impor­tant step you can take to pre­serve your eye health. Dai­ly life can take a seri­ous toll and put your eyes at risk, activ­i­ties like dri­ving with your win­dows down, yard work, swim­ming, and even just being out­side on a sun­ny day. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help keep your eyes pro­tect­ed from the out­side world.

Wear­ing sun­glass­es- pro­tect­ing your eyes from the suns harm­ful rays is per­haps one of the most impor­tant steps of pro­tec­tion you can take. Make sure that the sun­glass­es you wear pro­tect from both UVA and UVB rays, oth­er­wise you’re not doing your eyes any favors.

Prop­er Eye Pro­tec­tion- whether you’re blow­ing leaves, cut­ting wood or just sweep­ing the garage, you should wear prop­er eye wear to pro­tect your eyes from small par­ti­cles and fly­ing objects that can poten­tial­ly cause seri­ous dam­age. Even a small grain of sand can cause seri­ous eye prob­lems.

Sports- the big­ger the ball, the less like­ly chance for an eye injury. How­ev­er, in sports like ten­nis, rac­quet­ball, paint­ball, and even bad­minton prop­er eye pro­tec­tion is strong­ly encour­aged and even man­dat­ed in most places. Take the time to put on the pro­tec­tion, and while get­ting hit may seem unlike­ly, you’ll def­i­nite­ly be glad you had pro­tec­tion if it does hap­pen.

Dig­i­tal screens- it’s next to impos­si­ble to go through a sin­gle day with­out hav­ing some sort of inter­ac­tion with a dig­i­tal screen. If you work with com­put­ers all day, be sure to take breaks (every 20 min­utes, take a 20 sec­ond break), remem­ber to blink to keep your eyes lubri­cat­ed, and while using read­ing glass­es for a com­put­er screen may seem like it would help you sit fur­ther away, they, how­ev­er, may actu­al­ly do more harm than good.

When in doubt, wear eye pro­tec­tion. Pro­tect­ing your eyes, espe­cial­ly after laser eye surgery can be sim­ple but some­times takes a con­scious effort. If you are con­sid­er­ing laser eye surgery, keep­ing your eyes healthy and safe before and after the surgery is imper­a­tive. For more infor­ma­tion regard­ing laser eye surgery, vis­it www.diamondvision.com for more infor­ma­tion on the types of pro­ce­dures and loca­tions.

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